Adelaide Apartment Contradicts ‘Don’t Sh*t Where You Eat’ Adage

"This housing crisis is even worse than I thought..."

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A listing for a studio apartment located in North Adelaide must be taking the piss (pun intended) as it’s asking for a ridiculous price; especially ridiculous considering the studio has a bathroom – with clear walls! – in between the kitchen and living area.

People across the globe are feeling the pressure of rising living costs but this newly listed rental property truly takes the cake. Located in North Adelaide, a studio (that was once a singular room in a house but has since been renovated to be a private studio) is currently available for $420 per week.

Now, this pricing is outrageous for two main reasons. Firstly, there are multiple sizable two-bedroom apartments currently available to rent for the same price in the same North Adelaide area.

As you can see the glass walls in this tiny bathroom are slightly frosted but not enough to completely obscure what someone using the bathroom is doing… Image Credit:

Secondly, this studio has a bathroom – that provides no privacy whatsoever thanks to clear glass walls – smack bang in the middle of the living room/kitchen area.

The property’s listing says, “​​This spacious, fully-furnished upstairs studio offers the lifestyle that everyone deserves.” And what lifestyle is that? Not being able to invite friends over because otherwise, they’d either not be able to go to the bathroom or would have to deal with you knowing exactly what they were doing in there? Yikes.

Obviously, people on Twitter are having a field day with the rental listing.

One Twitter user wrote, “[I] can almost smell the nostalgic combination of food and poop aromas intermingling like a missed toilet stop on a car trip with a toddler,” while another Tweeted, “It just should be like $100/week, max. If they can get $400/week for it, this housing crisis is even worse than I thought.”

Clearly, Australia’s insane property prices are here to stay if an apartment where the kitchen literally has a view of the toilet can fetch over $400 a week in rent. Whoever said ‘don’t shit where you eat’ obviously never lived in a place like this…

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