Lads’ Yacht Outing Goes Horribly Wrong In Greece

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Lads’ Yacht Outing Goes Horribly Wrong In Greece

Image Credit: @superyachttimes

A trio of guys appear to have had their lads’ yacht trip in Paxos cut short. Photos that have emerged online suggest the stranded sailors decided to make the most of their misfortune (or was it a f*ck up? Details remain scant) by posing for photos in the yacht’s spa and at the helm, while the vessel sank.

A lads’ yacht trip in Paxos, Greece seems to have gone wrong, with images now circulating around the world of a sinking 25-metre vessel, with three dudes in various states of repose. The vessel is reportedly a Ferretti motor yacht called Green Whisper. It was allegedly an 830 model. It hit a reef, reports say, and then began to sink with three passengers still onboard.

According to Boat International, the boat started leaking after hitting the Ýfalos Panagía reef “between the island of Paxos and mainland Greece.”

The local coastguard rescued the three stranded people on board. As Superyacht Times reports, “The Port Authorities of Corfu and Paxos were informed by the Unified Center for Coordination of Search and Rescue of the Coast Guard that the yacht Green Whisper had come into trouble.”

“Two patrol boats rushed to the scene of the yacht that had run aground, causing damage to the vessel and inflow of water.”

Superyacht Times

Superyacht Times also obtained footage of the sinking vessel, which they said was sent to them by a reader of theirs. Looking at the photos, we can only imagine the conversation that went down between the people on the boat and the coastguard (“hey, before you rescue us, do you mind snapping a few quick pics?” “Why the hell not…”).

Image Credit: @superyachttimes

On Instagram, one commenter, who claimed to live in the area, said on Superyacht Times’ Instagram photo: “The ship isn’t sunk. It hit some rocks and it’s just half in the water. They’re waiting on a surveyor to estimate of shell be seaworthy after repairs. There wasn’t anyone in danger and the three people on board were taken to safety by the coastguard. The rocks at that spot aren’t marked and it’s hard to know they’re there if you’re not local.”

Discussion of the incident among (unverified) Instagram users on @superyachttimes’ Instagram page…

Newsbeast reports the three people on board the yacht were fine and safely taken to the Gaios port. The local coastguard released the following statement in regards to the incident: “The beached vessel was observed to tilt due to the inflow of water and a floating barrier was installed to prevent pollution, while light buoys were also installed on the bow and stern for the safety of navigation.”

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