Daily Edit – Zac Efron Visting Oz, Dellavedova Gets $10M & Horse On Harbour Bridge

Zac Efron

Stop staring into the eyes of the stranger sitting across from you. It’s awkward and there are far better things to do like reading this. Welcome to your daily wrap up of intriguing news, events and stories from home and abroad that you missed today.

Farmer Rides Horse Across Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge has been the centre of attention over the past few weeks with a rogue taxi passenger climbing it for no damn reason and then today when a farmer decided to take his horse across it…on the express lane. [9News.com.au]

Hollywood Bromancers Zac Efron & Adam Devine Coming Sydney


Get your teenage vocal cords on as Zac Efron and Adam Devine are flying into Sydney in preparation for their promotion of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates on July 6 to walk the red carpet. [news.com.au]

Australian NBA Guard Matthew Dellavedova Courts $10M Per Season


After the Cleveland Cavaliers made history at the NBA finals earlier this week, Australian guard for the winning team Matthew Dellavedova is receiving massive offers from opposing teams up to $10 million dollars per season. [foxsports.com.au]

Australian Target Boss Will Make Zara, H&M & Uniqlo Pay


Guy Russo of Wesfarmers department stores has taunted the global fashion heavyweights by saying that a Target turnaround would damage their sales as he implemented in-store playgrounds and cafes to create a “clean” Target experience. He claims that the international fashion juggernauts did everything right except for price. [SMH]

Swedish Player Sent Off With Red Card For Farting


Breaking wind isn’t against the law but it will get you sent off with a red card in Sweden during a soccer match. Swedish footballer Adam Lindin Ljungkvist found that out first hand when the referee hit him with a “deliberate provocation” and “unsportsmanlike behaviour” violation. [SBS]