Robert Pattinson May Have Picked Up The Wrong Jacket In New York

A fitted man he is not.

The suiting bible states that fitted is always better. Where some men fall victim to this is when they decide to take things to the extreme, ending up with something that is the complete opposite of the dreaded baggy suit. Robert Pattinson, meet your local children’s wear section.

The 31-year-old British actor recently showed up to the New York premiere of Good Time in a blazer that was less than flattering thanks to sleeves that rode up his arms harder than a donkey on steroids. To top off this style atrocity, it appears that R-Patz’s shirt was also too large for him with the cuffs making way for some unsightly bulges around the wrists. Oh, and did we mention it was pinstriped? Yikes.

Pattinson has had a history of dressing rather casually to all kinds of events but his recent efforts in a suit complete with untucked shirt is really starting to put him down the path of ‘WTF is that meant to be?’

Please guys, if you’re going for the smart casual look there’s a right way to do it and a very wrong way to do it. See Smart Casual Dress Code Defined (& How To Rock It With Style).

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