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How To Accept The Brutal Truths Of Life You Can’t Change

“Stop playing small. Take the time to accept your life for what it is.”

How many things are there in your life that you wished were different? Maybe the natural colour of your hair? Your height? Your in-laws? Or the economy?

If you wanted to, I’m sure you could find things you wished you could change about yourself or the world you’re in. But do we really want to be in a constant desire to change that which life has us experiencing?

It is next to impossible. Truthfully, the thought of needing to change something you can’t is taking away from you living life fully right now. Non-acceptance is one of the biggest causes of suffering.

In a world hung up on showing everyone how perfect they are and how amazing their life is, we are constantly looking to change and improve. The idea of what is perfect has taken us away from accepting the perfection of what is.

“We are continually attempting to control our lives rather than being in a state of flow.”

I’m sure there are things you’d want to change. Well, I have a few suggestions for you. These may free you from the need to change like never before.

You Choose This

As much as it may annoy you or be hard to hear, everything we are experiencing we choose to experience. If you can accept this, then instead of looking at things with a judgment as to why try looking at what you are receiving from the experience? Ask yourself: What have I learned about myself?

Feel It All

It’s usually not the circumstances or things we want to change. Truly, it’s how we feel about it that we no longer want to experience. So, instead of resisting it, embrace how you feel about it without trying to get rid of the emotions. This is a major step in finally allowing yourself to feel free within your current circumstances.

A Grain of Sand

Imagine you looked back on your life once it was done and dusted. If you took all the things and moments you thought mattered at the time, you could probably fill an entire beach with grains of sand representing each moment. Sometimes, we get so stuck on things we think matter that we forget the big picture. Take what you think matters like a grain of sand and move on. There is so much more for you to experience. Why allow one thing to take up all the space when life has installed so much for you?

The Proof

A friend has implemented these three things. She is beyond happy about the possibilities of life—regardless of her circumstances. She was only eighteen when she almost died in a skydiving accident.

It was a miracle she survived. She broke her back and was told she would never walk again. She ended up walking again although she still has things to deal with from her injury that would impact any of us. One of those is that she can’t control her bladder. She literally wets herself every day.

The amazing thing is her level of acceptance. If you met her, you wouldn’t be able to tell that she was even phased by her complications. Her thirst for life is incredible. It’s a reminder to me that, in life, there may well be things we can’t change. But, we can choose to accept them. Accepting these things is everything. The gift of life is something so much more valuable. It should never be robbed by our not having the will to accept what is and enjoy the possibilities of this wonderful journey we call life.

So, stop playing small. Take the time to accept your life for what it is. You may then find that not only will your circumstances change to support you in ways you never imagined. But also you may finally gain a sense of happiness for no reason.

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