A Polished Modern Loft Worth Moving To Russia For

Brb, filing a visa application.

Russian loft

Russia’s most famous architecture comes in two flavours. In one corner are the elaborate arches and onion domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and the luxurious baroque palaces of the imperial era. In the opposite corner is the conservative monumentalism of Stalinist architecture and the mid-20th century’s imposing, monolithic brutalism.

What you don’t expect from Russia is this loft from Andrei Popov. Neither ornate nor austere, the space is modern with trendy industrial touches, and just a hint of bohemian spirit.

A vast expanse of wood is the first thing to catch the eye. Panels line both the ceiling and floors, creating a kind of natural cocoon that contrasts with exposed brick walls and various metal details. A coffee table of reclaimed crates reinforces the aesthetic, and a pile of wood by the fireplace looks country cabin cosy, but this is no rustic getaway.

Popov ensures the loft stays contemporary with shades of grey paint and metal elements. The living room’s immense lighting fixture makes a strong modern statement, as do the open shelving units and the metal frame of the bed.

The designer even managed to incorporate material from the boho and glam factions of Pinterest, from a pile of plants, to pops of blue and red, to a marble bathroom and a hanging basket chair.

Such a mishmash should be an eyesore, but we’d drop a deposit in a heartbeat.