Russian Influencer’s Death Defying Grand Canyon Stunt Stuns

"What won't you do for views?"

Russian Influencer’s Death Defying Grand Canyon Stunt Stuns

Russian influencer Sergey Kosenko has left many of his 5.9 million followers with their jaws on the floor by jumping over a Grand Canyon lookout fence and skidding to a halt right next to the cliff’s edge.

Russian influencer Sergey Kosenko has shocked followers with an even riskier stunt than usual. The influencer, whose main claim to infamy is being kicked out of Bali for riding a motorcycle off a jetty, is, in a way, Russia’s answer to Dan Bilzerian. He goes all out to be a caricature of what he thinks the Internet wants to see, being ridiculous, brash, offending sensibilities, hamming it up, etc.

His ‘no f*cks given’ approach to content creation has nearly seen him come a cropper though, with a recent video showing him celebrating his birthday by coming close to falling into The Grand Canyon. In the video, Kosenko can be seen jumping the safety fence while a woman screams. He then lands on his feet, before falling on his back and sliding for a couple of feet, before stopping right on the edge.

WATCH: Sergey Kosenko Nearly Falls Into The Grand Canyon

Comments (translated from Russian) left below the video include a range of shock, horror and awed remarks. “Pzdts🤯. I already shrank,” one follower said. “What won’t you do for views?” asked another. A third chimed in with: “Sergey, are you an adrenaline addict?!”

Another interesting couple of comments include: “😳 Quit it… Life is one and deep joy can be found in quieter things” and “I have only one question… Why did you jump?”

“Happy birthday! Don’t ever do that again – think of your mom when you want to do something like that Kapeeets!!!”

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Finally, we’ll round it out with two more choice comments, which capture the popular sentiment quite well. “😱😱😱 Sergey, what are you?! Don’t risk it unnecessarily,” one read, while the other said: “Thank God they’re alive! content won’t make itself, risky guy.”

There’s no word on whether this stunt will get Kosenko into hot water in America, but if he does get booted from the United States that’ll make two countries he’s not welcome back to.

Such is influencer life…

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