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31 Best T-Shirts For Men | For Every Body Shape & Activity [2023]

The best t-shirts for men to bust out of in style.

31 Best T-Shirts For Men | For Every Body Shape & Activity [2023]

No menswear item is arguably more essential than the men’s t-shirt. The versatility and relative affordability of the great t-shirts for men means they can be worn in countless ways, and in virtually any scenario, although the cocktail dress code may be a bit of a stretch.

With that said, the rules of how to wear t-shirts are rather simple. Start with the basic colours like white, black, grey and navy and you’ll have solid foundations for a versatile wardrobe, being able to pair them with just about anything from jackets to knitwear to hoodies to blazers to collared shirts. Once you’ve nailed that you can start playing around with prints, patterns, detailing and materials to really establish your own personal look.

When it comes to buying men’s t-shirts, however, it’s not just as simple as going into a store, picking some up and walking away. At least, not if you don’t want to have to keep making repeat trips due to your chosen best t-shirts not being of good quality, or the correct fit.

Finding the best t-shirts for men online

With most brands from budget right through to designer labels sourcing their men’s t-shirts – or at least, the cotton to make their t-shirts – from China and other major regions of clothing manufacture, determining the quality of your t-shirts isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

Fortunately, you have DMARGE on your side, and here are our top tips regarding what to look out for next time you go t-shirt shopping.

The Fabric

  • A men’s t-shirt’s softness will be indicated by the number of natural fibres used. This information can usually be found on the label. Obviously, you can just feel the t-shirt, but let it be known that a super soft t-shirt in-store may diminish after a few washes.
  • Those after quality should lookout for a 100% cotton tee, especially if you’re in the market for printed men’s t-shirts, as the prints will tend to display better on them.
  • A jersey t-shirt is also a fantastic option. You’ll guaranteed stretch and comfort, as well as breathability with a jersey t-shirt.
  • Blended synthetic tees (usually those on the more budget end of the scale) have the issue of ageing at a different rate to pure 100% materials, and this may tarnish the look slightly.
  • Full polyester t-shirts, on the other hand, will be terrible for moisture-wicking sweat from your body and breathability on the whole. They are, however, better for water resistance, so choose materials based on your requirements.
  • Bear in mind that a 100% cotton t-shirt doesn’t necessarily mean high quality as there is both low-end and high-end cotton; try to go for organic cotton, Supima cotton, cotton jersey, or slub cotton.

The Weave

A tighter weave will mean your t-shirt will last longer, being able to retain its quality following multiple wears and washes. One misconception of a tighter weave is that it will equate to a heavier t-shirt, yet this isn’t the case, as a t-shirt’s fabric density is independent of the t-shirt’s weight or thickness.

With regards to the weight of a t-shirt, this information should also be displayed on the label, and will most commonly be measured in ounces (Oz) or grams per square metre (GSM). The higher the number, the heavier the t-shirt, with the heaviest weight you can expect to find being around 300gsm, making it more suitable for colder months.

If it’s a short sleeve men’s t-shirt for Summer you’re after, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for t-shirts in the 130-150gsm range, as these fabrics will be lighter and cooler.

The Stitching Quality

Stitching quality is a tell-tale sign of a men’s t-shirt’s quality. Look out for any loose threads as a sign of poor construction. A higher stitch count also means the garment should be stronger and will last longer. Stitching at the seams is also an important factor to consider when it comes to the amount of stretch your t-shirt is able to undergo.

If you want a t-shirt to have some stretch to it so that it feels more comfortable during wear, then the stitching will also need to stretch with the fabric. You don’t want to be in a situation when you need to swing your arms, for example, and find that the stitching holding the sleeves to the main body prevent you from achieving your full range of movement.

Different Fits And Styles

There’s an array of fits and styles of men’s tees, but the most classic style is a slim fit crew neck t-shirt. However, you can get a relaxed fit if you want something super comfortable. You can get a regular fit if you’re uncomfortable with having a t-shirt cling to you like a slim fit, but you don’t want it to swamp you like a relaxed fit.

If you’re not fond of the crew neck t-shirt because it feels restrictive around your neck, you can go for a scoop neck or a v neck. You can also get a pocket tee if you like having a little extra storage for your everyday essentials. We recommend getting short sleeves but also at least one long sleeve tee, so you’re covered for cooler weather.

The best men’s t-shirt is what you feel comfortable in; so decide what style you like best in terms of both comfort and aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a crewneck tee, v-neck tee, or scoop neck tee, long-sleeve t-shirt or short sleeve t-shirt, these are the brands for men to know if you want the best men’s t-shirts on the market, in your wardrobe.

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