38 Best Clothing Brands For Men To Stay On-Trend

Top clothing from brands you've probably never heard of.

When it comes to men’s clothing brands, of course, having some big-name designer labels in your wardrobe is something we all long to aspire to. A statement piece perhaps, or a high-end custom-made suit is going to be worth the large investment if they’re going to see a lot of wear.

But for everyday wear, expensive men’s designer fashion brands doesn’t always mean you’re going to get the best. Fortunately, there are numerous menswear labels available today that are all producing incredibly high-quality clothing, usually with a strong focus on sustainability and ethicality and for incredibly affordable prices.

Men’s designer clothing may be great, but you wouldn’t want to expose your high end and equally expensive cashmere sweater to everyday threats such as drink spillages or children’s dirty hands.

Some helpful DMARGE stories about the best clothing for men

We’ve therefore rounded up our absolute favourite and must-have men’s clothing brands into one trendy guide. Some of our favourite brands may be names you have heard of before, others may be new, but what they all share is a common goal of making men look good.

Men’s Clothing Brands FAQ

What clothes should a man own?

All men should own what are known as 'menswear essentials'. These include a solid selection of plain t-shirts (white, grey, black), a pair of good-fitting jeans, chinos, and shorts, some warm clothing like a knitted sweater, a hoodie, and a sweatshirt. You’ll also want a waterproof coat or jacket for rainy days, as well as a stylish coat for winter. Business or formal attire, depending on your job and social life, is also a must; dress shirts, trousers, blazer, suit, etc.

How much should I spend on men's clothing?

You don't need to spend an absolute fortune to score some high-quality men's clothing. Expect to pay around $40-$60 on t-shirts, $80-$100 on jeans and chinos and roughly the same on shirts. Outerwear pieces will cost more, but the warmth and protection they offer will be worth every cent.

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