Effortless Ways To Look Good After A Long Day's Work

Fresh After Work

Every working man understands the perils of how to look fresh after a long day’s work. It’s near impossible, but if a guy like Pete Doherty can score a girl like Kate Moss and live to tell the story, then you sure as hell have a fighting chance of looking presentable for your after-hours social affairs.

These are the small measures men need to help battle the unwanted signs of tiredness even when your middle name is Death.

A Quick Face Wash


Let’s start with the easy one. Spending eight-plus hours in the trenches can wreak havoc with a man’s skin. Recycled air from air-conditioning dries it out whilst staring at a screen for that long with repeated muscle movements around the eye can cause fatigue, dark circles and puffiness. By the day’s end you could look like a further-shrivelled Iggy Pop. To fix this, wash your face with warm water before you head out. The warmth will open up the pores and replenish the skin with moisture, making crows feet or minor wrinkles disappear.

Limit Coffee & Cigarettes


Prevention is the best solution and that’s true in the case of cigarettes and coffee. Coffee is a sworn ally of the armies of workers out there and we’re not denying that right. However it does dehydrate skin and often leaves with a ‘crash’ at the end of the caffeine high. Limit your coffee intake as the day rolls on. The same also goes for smoking which can cause the skin to look dry and dull.

Re-style Your Hair


Oily and frizzy hair is no way to impress a date after a hard slug at the office. A quick re-style is mandatory after work and that can easily be achieved by taking a hot wet towel to the hair before applying sea salt spray to add back a natural tousle and volume to an otherwise deflated hairstyle. Sea salt spray gives a nice matte finish once dried, negating the need to actually dunk your head in the sea.

Shave It Short


As suave as a beard can be, it can also prolong the odour associated with sweat. The hair follicles which produce their own natural oils throughout the day can mix in with the sweat on the skin, allowing it to linger on for longer than required. Definitely not pash material. There’s an easy way out: shave it short (or clean), use a decent face wash at work or wash your face with warm water.

Rock A Signature Cologne


If you’re heading out to impress after work then it’s imperative that you have a signature scent to mask that meandering smell of two-year-old toner and water chiller banter. Pick a great fragrance, apply it modestly on to your wrists and neck and let the alluring scent do the schmoozing.

Chew Gum


Two simple reasons: Obama does it. And you don’t want be that weird guy who brushes their teeth in the public restrooms after lunch. Let the easily accessible sugar-free gum do the grunt work in leaving the breath fresh and the teeth food-free. And remember to spit it out before your meet up.

Use Eye Drops


Staring blankly at spreadsheets all day can cause any grown man to cry tears of despair. We can’t help you with the tears but there is a way to avoid the look of someone who’s been on a seven-day bender with 21-year-old models. They’re called eye drops and they’re one of the most effective ways to relieve and relax tired, bloodshot eyes. Keep a bottle at work in the fridge for that chilling sensation when your eyes need it most.

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