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21 Best Running Clothes Brands

Improve your run times with running clothes available.

Whether you’re hoping to make the Olympics for the 100m or just enjoy a ‘run’ on the world-famous Bondi to Bronte track, you’ll likely need some running clothes and gear. In the words of Nike, “If you have a body, you are an athlete”; this has never been truer.

Every man and his selfie-stick are picking up a sport of some description and looking good is now a key aspect of this fitness revolution. Even if you aren’t going to be sprinting on one of the most intense running trails in the world, activewear can be great to wear around the house or out to a slightly hungover Sunday brunch. There is a reason why everyone is on the activewear train at the moment; it’s about time you step onboard.

First and foremost, activewear needs to be functional, but in this day and age, it needs to look as good as it performs. No matter how you like your exercise, it’s best to stand out for the right reasons so it’s time to throw out that ‘stringer’ singlet and invest in some proper running shorts, running tops and even running jackets… maybe even some killer running shoes.

Running Clothes Brands FAQ

What clothes do I need for running?

If you're going to get seriously into running, you'll need to invest in running clothes that are lightweight, comfortable and loose-fitting which will allow for freer movement. You should look out for running clothes that wick sweat and moisture away from your body, and items such as compression shorts can help aid with blood flow.

What should I wear when running in winter?

You don't want to wear heavy sweatshirts when running in winter. Instead, you should look into running jackets to provide a breathable, waterproof outer shell, as well as long compression tights and long sleeve compression tops.

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It is easy to get confused, lost and even intimidated by the plethora of running brands that exist today, especially when they’re all pushing some sort of extra-special sweat-wicking, fast-drying, organic, knitted technology in their kit. If you’re looking for something to keep you looking cool and will allow you to move in whatever way you see fit, here is our selection of running clothes and footwear brands for men.