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24 Best Running Shorts For Men To Maximise Comfort

Running shorts to get you to the finish line first.

24 Best Running Shorts For Men To Maximise Comfort

Choosing the correct running shorts for your daily run isn’t a decision that should be taken mid-stride; they can be the difference between a sub-par and a seamless workout. Serious runners will require something spacious with a high cut to reduce overheating (and maximising movement), whilst we all need something soft, durable and comfortable that doesn’t chafe.

If you’re trail running you may also want to think about how your running shorts will cope with mud, dust and water. And if you’re pounding it through the city you may want to consider how stylish (and well fitted) your running shorts are, before inadvertently exposing yourself to potential Tinder dates or career contacts.

Phone pockets or not, you want something that says you’re as serious about your workouts as you are your running wardrobe – a statement of intent. But which running shorts are flapping in the international market right now, and what separates one from the other?

With so much choice, we’ve put together this guide to help you score the best designs from around the world – all made by the most renowned sports houses – created to strike that fine balance between performance and style.