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41 Best Gym Clothing Brands For Smashing Workouts [2023]

Train dirty, look fine.

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Gym clothes – If you’re going to hit the gym, then you need to make sure you have a dedicated selection of gym clothes to help maximise your workouts. Just about every man and his dog head to their chosen place of iron-clad worship to lift an array of heavy objects in the name of aesthetics. And probably health and strength too. But admit it…it’s mainly aesthetics.

This brings us nicely to this carefully curated list of the world’s coolest gym clothing brands. Because, not only do you want to look a million dollars when in the gym, but you need your clothing to help you perform at your very best, whether it be in terms of durability for the sheer number of squats you perform, or breathability to keep you cool during intense HIIT workouts.

Unlike many other sports, gym workouts cannot be enhanced by some special ultra-tight pants or grippy socks. Instead, the focus is on technical fabrics, moisture-wicking, breathability and weight which allows individuals to push themselves to the limits. Think gym clothing that complements your best workouts rather than restricting them!

Short for time? Here are our top picks.

Echt / GymsharkBest For Gym Junkies
Iffley Road / On RunningBest For Running
Alo YogaBest For Yoga
Lululemon / VuoriBest For HIIT / F45
Gymshark / LululemonBest For Training
RhoneBest For Everday Activewear
Allbirds / EverlaneBest For Sustainability
Ten Thousand / EverlaneBest For The Minimalist