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24 Best Gym Shorts For Men To Blast Workouts In 2023

Gym shorts and workout shorts to get you massive.

Choosing the correct gym shorts for your weekly workout shouldn’t be taken lightly – as they can often be the difference between a sub-standard and a successful fitness session. While it can be argued that runners will require athletic mesh gym shorts that are spacious with a high cut to reduce overheating (and maximising movement), those who put themselves through studio and gym workouts will need a longer leg and coverage for those angled stretches and lunges.

If you’re training indoors you may also want to think about breathable fabrics that draw moisture away from your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and dry, both during and after exercise. And, just as importantly, you’ll want a pair (or pairs) that are stylish, so as to give the message you’re as serious about your workouts as you are about your wardrobe – a statement of intent.

But which gym shorts are making waves in the international market right now, and what separates one from the other? With so much choice and quality available, we’ve put together this guide to help you discover some of the best active gym shorts designs from around the world – all made by the most celebrated sports houses – created to strike that fine balance between performance and style.

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