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16 Best Men’s Running Jackets

Running is so popular and such a big business that there is no end to the types of apparel you can buy to assist you once you’ve planned your route and laced up your shoes. Once you’ve got the basics of a running top and a pair of running shorts out the way, you’ll want to start thinking about investing in a running jacket.

Ideal for use in the colder months or those fresh summer mornings, a running jacket will help to keep your body warm and your blood pumping, allowing you to keep pushing yourself for longer. They’re not simply a winter accessory though – far from it – you never know when you might be caught out in a rain shower and a running jacket can once again be your saviour, as more often than not they’re made with water resistant material.

Of course, sifting the genuinely useful and high-performance jackets from the imposters isn’t always easy, so we’ve taken the challenge upon ourselves to bring you a definitive guide to the very best running jackets available right now. Expect big-name brands, up-and-coming independents, and a few others that you may have heard of, but would never have expected to produce running gear.

Men’s Running Jacket FAQs

What makes a good running jacket?

The best running jackets are extremely lightweight, ergonomic, and allow for maximum freedom of movement. They also protect your body from the elements without hindering your running performance.

How tight should a running jacket fit?

It should be big enough to fasten at the front and loose enough to be breathable, giving you enough flexibility of movement as you run. Your running jacket should be comfortable to train in.

Does wearing a jacket while running burn more calories?

Yes. Wearing a jacket while running increases your body temperature and circulation. As your heart rate increases, you burn more calories. However, it is always not a good idea to wear a running jacket, particularly if the weather is hot. We suggest only wearing running jackets in cold weather or when it’s raining or extremely windy.

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