Best Men's Polo Shirt Brands

The Best Polo Shirts For Men That Will Instantly Add Cool To Any Look

No collar popping please.

There will inevitably come a time in a man’s life, maybe on a Thursday, where he’s bored of wearing cool t-shirts to work, but the office isn’t formal enough for a fully-fledged button-up. Fortunately, for situations such as this, there is an item of men’s clothing that can often go overlooked: the polo shirt.

The men’s polo shirt was originally conceived as activewear for tennis players. But not wanting the ball-hitting elite to have an item of clothing reserved just for themselves, clothing brands decided to push polo shirts out to the paying public. Their popularity has sky-rocketed, and now you can find most men in a stylish polo shirt, from slightly-pissed dads at a Sunday BBQ, to British punks who take their fashion seriously.

Don’t let its respective proprietors scare you off though. Wearing a polo shirt won’t turn you into a fifty-year-old bank manager or lad. In fact, a polo is often the crucial ingredient to a men’s outfit that needs to be dressed up, without screaming ‘it’s my first day at the office’. The best polo shirts can work equally well with a pair of chino shorts or a linen suit, such is its versatility.

So here our recommended brands for the best polo shirts for men.

Polo Shirt FAQ

When was the polo shirt invented?

While the polo shirt can have its history traced back to the 19th century and British polo players, it was Lacoste who designed the polo shirt we know today, back in the 1920s. Designed to help mitigate several problems faced by tennis players at the time, Lacoste's polo shirt has since been imitated by myriad other clothing manufacturers, with specifically-designed versions being applied to the likes of polo and golf.

What to wear with a polo shirt?

The polo shirt's versatility comes in the fact it doesn't have to be worn for sporting purposes. A slim-fit black polo shirt, for example, can be paired with dark jeans for an evening outfit. You can also find long-sleeved polo shirts that are equally smart in their appearance.

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