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Best Dad Clothing Brands In 2022

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As you get older in years you need to attempt to dress your age. That’s where the brand that caters to father’s become an essential part of your wardrobe. Gone are the days of droopy jeans, now it’s polo shirts, chinos and sensible shoes.

As may DMARGE readers can attest to, when we find a quality brand that fits the ‘dad’ profile, we’ll often buy it until we’re buried in said attire.

The following curated list of ‘dad brands’ are the menswear brand that makes smart and subtle clothing for every bloke who’s over the age of 30. Whether it’s heading out for a game of golf or watching your kids play soccer, these brands are dad approved.

How do we know this? The DMARGE editorial team are fathers and friends of fathers. We know the brands that we would wear and those that we would recommend to Dads we know.