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Men's Sock Brands

You might not think about them all that often, but socks are some of the most important items in your closet. You (should) wear them every day and they’re responsible for separating your stinky, sweaty feet from those gorgeous white sneakers you recently purchased. This important role they play in your wardrobe and the usage they get warrants them as something you ought to splash your cash on every so often.

Apart from their important functional role, socks can become an accessory. Like any accessory, socks can be a great way to show people who you are. Are you that clean-cut American Psycho-esque banker? Or your offices resident larrikin? Well, your socks are one way to suggest to others which you might be.

Once you’ve figured that out, you’re ready to check out our list of the best sock brands for men.

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Bonobos priorities everyday comfort in their clothing and their socks hold true, to this ethos. Made from a selection of high-quality materials, Bonobos socks will get you through the workweek and into the weekend in the utmost comfort.

Bonobos Cotton Blend Dress Socks
Cotton Blend Dress Socks $15

Ted Baker

Started in Glasgow, Ted Baker originally made shirts and has grown to offer everything a man could need. Their socks feature the brand’s iconic patterns and are of high quality.

Ted Baker Crane Jacquard Socks
Crane Jacquard Socks $16

Happy Socks

Since 2008, Happy Socks has been making flashy, exciting socks for everyone. Their ultimate aim is to make people happier in their everyday lives. Not only do they look great, Happy Socks are some of the comfiest socks you’ll find.

Happy Socks Dot Sock
Dot Sock $20

Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak believe that the current trends of the fashion industry as a whole are unstainable and unethical. To combat this, they offer products that are ethically responsible and environmentally sustainable.

Frank and Oak 3 Pack Striped Cotton Fun Socks in Green
3-Pack Striped Cotton Fun Socks in Green $20

Hugo Boss

The famous German label, Hugo Boss is famous for its minimalistic, clean-cut looks that embodies Germany’s culture as a whole. Their socks are no different and are made to the highest standards.

Hugo Boss Striped Mercerised Stretch Cotton Blend Socks
Striped Mercerised Stretch Cotton-Blend Socks $20


Since 1937, Pantherella has been making high-quality socks for men. They use a range of materials and are available in both subdued and bold patterns. They have an almost invisible, hand-linked toe seams for unparalleled comfort.

Pantherella Stratford Merino Wool Blend Socks
Stratford Merino Wool Blend Socks $24

J. Crew

J. Crew makes classic clothing items with a twist, their socks are no different. Available in a range of lengths, materials, and patterns J. Crew socks should be your go-to for this essential staple.

J.Crew Bird's Eye Print Socks
Bird’s-Eye Print Socks $27


Founded in Japan, Chup focus on making the best socks possible and boy do they deliver. For the last few decades, they have made a name for themselves in the sock world.

Chup Jarvi Sock Indigo
Jarvi Sock Indigo $29

Anonymous Ism

Anonymous Ism creates socks from unique materials and patterns with a distinct focus on quality. Their take on socks is very modern and also focuses heavily on comfort.

Anonymous Ism Slub Crew Sock Moss
Slub Crew Sock Moss $29

Charles Tyrwhitt

For decades, Charles Tyrwhitt has been making great business shirts. After broadening their range, they now also offer socks, perfect for any corporate hotshot.

Multi Cotton Rich 3 Pack Socks
Multi Cotton Rich 3 Pack Socks $29


Marcoliani is based in Milan and pays homage to the traditional sock making techniques in combination with modern designs. They use only the finest fabrics and quality control.

Marcoliani Pima Cotton Blend Jacquard Socks
Pima Cotton Blend Jacquard Socks $30


Made in chilly Wales, Corgi socks are some of the warmest and most comfortable around. Available in a range of cotton, wool and cashmere blends, Corgi socks will have a pair to suit your needs. They even have a Royal Warrant.

Forest Green Dress Sock $32


Hackett, a Saville Row tailor, isn’t the first brand you think of when it comes to socks but their attention to detail and focus on quality renders them a good proposition for your next pair of favourite socks.

Hackett Contrast Trim Silk Blend Long Socks
Contrast Trim Silk Blend Long Socks $32


Reiss is a British brand that seems to be at the height of style at the moment. Their socks are crafted for comfort and designed for style.

Reiss Franks
Franks $35

Saturdays NYC

Started by a group of friends in New York City that all shared a passion for surfing, coffee, and art culture, Saturdays NYC is now a brand that embodies those passions. Their socks are minimalistic and ultra-comfortable.

Saturdays NYC Athletic Socks 3 Pack Midnight Mint
Athletic Socks 3 Pack Midnight Mint $36

Paul Smith

Famous for his iconic stripes design, Paul Smith has a range of socks that a sophisticated yet flashy. As will all Paul Smith products, they’re made to the highest standards.

Paul Smith Zanzi Striped Cotton-Blend Mid-Calf-Socks
Zanzi Striped Cotton-Blend Mid-Calf Socks $43

New & Lingwood

A gentleman’s outfitter, New & Lingwood is a traditional British menswear outfitter with a twist of modernity. They have an enormous range of socks to suit any style.

New & Lingwood Royal Blue Ribbed Cotton Long Socks
Royal Blue Ribbed Cotton Long Socks $45

London Sock Company

Built on the belief that great socks can inspire confidence, London Sock Co. helps people be the best version of themselves through quality made socks and quintessential English design.

London Sock Company Simply Navy Cotton Socks Gift Box of 6
Simply Navy Cotton Socks Gift Box of 6 $105

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