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23 Best Men’s Socks For Comfort and Cool

Put your best foot forward with a fresh pair of socks.

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You might not think about them all that often, but socks are some of the most important items in your closet. You should wear them whenever you wear an enclosed shoe, like a sneaker or dress shoe, because they are responsible for separating your stinky, sweaty feet from your shoes’ interiors.

If you spend a bit of money on your footwear (which you should, as high-quality shoes are imperative to protecting your feet), you should also be splashing out your cash, every now and then, on good quality socks, as they will not only protect your shoes but will give extra protection and comfort to your feet as well.

Using socks as an accessory

Aside from their functional role, socks are an accessory; meaning they can be a great (but subtle) way to show off your personality to those around you. If you’re that clean-cut American Psycho-esque banker, you’ll probably go for a classic black pair, but if you’re the resident larrikin in your office, you might want to go for something with a funny meme printed on them.

And hey, if you’re a simple man with simple interests, you can show that off as well! Do you love beer? Get socks with beer on them. Honestly, just have fun with it! If you see a pair with a colour scheme, pattern, or print that you love, go for it and rock them proudly.

Different sock types

In this day and age, it’s no surprise that there are many different types of socks for men available, but it can be tricky to decide which style is best for your lifestyle. Invisible, ankle, crew, and mid-calf are the most popular options.

Invisible and ankle pairs are best for casual outings, and look great when you’re wearing shorts or rolled up pants that expose your ankle. Crew socks are also quite a casual style and can be worn under chinos or jeans. Finally, mid-calf socks, better known as dress socks, are perfect for the office, but can also be worn to practically any event under your trousers (please don’t EVER tuck your pants into your socks).

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Whether you live in Australia or the United States, we’ve rounded up the leading brands that produce the absolute best men’s socks. Whether you’re looking for plain white and black, or you’re after something a bit more fun, and no matter what length you need to add to your sock drawer, these brands have everything you need. But above all, all of the following brands produce high-quality socks that are durable and will keep your feet comfortable.