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28 Best Sneakers For Men, As Worn By Our Editors

Men's sneakers that are built for comfort and style. Here are the brands making the best for men everywhere.

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Men’s sneakers are, without a doubt, the most popular footwear style worldwide. While boots and dress shoes are must-haves in any man’s wardrobe, sneakers have earned their number one status in the realm of footwear because they come in a huge number of styles, colours, and materials that allow us to show off our individual personalities. And, because of their ubiquitous nature, pretty much every fashion brand under the sun has its own pairs for you to buy.

This means that all budgets are catered for. Whether you want something cheap and cheerful that you don’t mind giving a beating to, or something on the more luxurious end of the scale – including the likes of rare and collectible sneaker models that hypebeasts go gaga for – that only make an appearance for special occasions, there is a sneaker brand out there for everyone.

But what sneaker brands exactly should you be looking out for? While it may be true that no matter what physical shop or online store you turn to will have various options demanding your attention, there are some key features to look out for if you’re after the best sneakers for men.

Features to look out for if you want the best sneaker

  • Use of expensive high-grade leathers e.g. pebble leather, which doesn’t crack as much over time.
  • Thicker leather – this ensures the shoe retains its shape and looks newer for longer.
  • Tumbled leather – some mid-range shoe brands use this to achieve a balance between quality and affordability.

How to determine whether a pair of men’s sneakers are high-quality

  • If the men’s sneakers are made out of suede or leather, test how flexible it is by bending the shoe; you should be able to move it quite easily if it’s high-quality. If you find the shoe is rather stiff, it’s cheaper quality leather.
  • Smell the inside of a shoe and if it smells like glue you know it’s been made on the cheap; a good quality shoe needs to smell like good quality leather.
  • If the men’s sneakers are lightweight when you pick them up they will be using more expensive soles which are generally better quality.

Now that you know what you’re after in a decent sneaker, check out the best sneaker brands to shop from below. The majority of brands and pairs featured fall into the affordable category, but we’ve also included a few luxury options for those who want to splash a little more cash on new men’s sneakers.

CariumaBest Affordable Sneaker$99
Oliver CabellBest Affordable Luxury Sneaker$199
AllbirdsBest Sustainable Sneaker$120
TropicfeelMost Breathable Sneaker$119
CascaMost Comfortable Sneaker$168