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31 Best Men’s Pants Brands For Everyday Awesomeness

The stylish secret is in the trousers.

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Pants for men is a broad umbrella term that encompasses several different styles. You’ve got dress pants, jeans, chinos to start you off, but you can delve further into the men’s pants rabbit hole with options such as beach pants, joggers, and even cargo pants, for example. What these all have in common is their ability to not only transform your wardrobe, leaving you prepared for any situation – be it work, play, or travel – but they can do so with very little hassle.

Once you have a solid selection of men’s pants lined up in your closest, you also have the tools required to begin experimenting with various outfit combinations, whereby you can eventually become the king of style town. There are, however, some key factors to consider before you head out shopping, which we’ll now explain in great detail.

How Should Men’s Pants Fit?

The way the fabric hugs (or doesn’t hug) your body is crucial. If your trousers don’t fit correctly it won’t matter what brand, material, or colour the men’s pants are, they’re quite simply going to suck. Ensure that your waist fits in the waistband and that there isn’t too much or too little fabric in the other key areas (glutes, thighs, and calves).

For most people this shouldn’t be an issue, however, if you know you are smaller or larger in some areas bear that in mind when purchasing trousers and pick a fit (wide, tapered, slim, straight, or skinny) that you know will suit your body shape. The fit you go for will undoubtedly be dictated by the current on-trend styles. Skinny pants, for example, are slowly being phased out in favour of slim fit pants for their improved comfort (much to the benefit of your crown jewels).

If you are really concerned about the fit, simply check the size guide available for most products.

What Style Of Pants Should I Buy?

The style of the men’s pants is composed of fit, fabric, colour, and pattern. For example, some dark green linen trousers with a drawstring waist will be fantastic for your next tropical getaway with sandals, however, they simply will not fly in the office.

Similarly, some tapered, woollen navy trousers with side adjustors will look sharp in the board room with a suit, however, trying to dress them down with white sneakers for men could make you look out of place.

Try to think about all the aspects of the trousers to work out when they would be appropriate to wear. If you’re looking for something that is appropriate for all occasions, consider a pair of men’s chinos or any other trouser that has a tapered fit.

Get that right and you’re ready for our selection of killer brands that offer the best men’s quality trousers for any occasion.

Our selection of pants brands to buy…