The 20 Best Skinny Jeans For Men Holding Onto Their Youth

Look cool with these skinny jeans for men...

Ever since Levi Strauss obtained his patent for putting rivets on men’s work pants, which he then made from denim, jeans have been a timeless staple in menswear. While Levi’s continue to be popular to this day – cementing the very fact the denim pant will never go out of style – a quite literal sh*t tonne of other brands make their own version of the ubiquitous men’s trouser.

Levi’s’ very first pair of jeans, the 501, came in what is known as an Original fit, which essentially means a straight leg all the way down, with room for your thighs and shins to breathe. Times change, however, and today the skinny fit is one of the most popular around. The style became especially popular around 2010, and it was tough to spot anyone not wearing a pair as you walked down the high street.

Skinny fit jeans, by their very definition, are skinner through the entire leg. This means they could feel more constricted, but this is something guys prefer since it doesn’t give off a baggy, unkempt look. Instead, skinny fit jeans provide men with a much sharper appearance, especially those in dark blue or black colours.

Although, as with anything tight-fitting, you should always consider what might be on show if the pair you’re wearing is extra snug. More importantly, the skinny fit has been applied to all manner of colours and styles, whether it be black skinny jeans, ripped skinny jeans and for guys with especially thin legs, you can even find some brands putting out super skinny jeans.

Slimmer fits – those with a bit of extra room in the leg – and straight-leg fits are slowly making their way back into the mainstream, but there will always be a place for skinny jeans in the wardrobes of men everywhere.

Best Skinny Jeans For Men FAQs

How to wear skinny jeans?

The easiest and most fool proof way to style a pair of skinny jeans is to pair them with a crisp white t-shirt and either white sneakers or black Chelsea boots. You can throw on an oversized sweater to give a more retro look, or keep things sharp with a white shirt and blazer.

What to wear with black skinny jeans?

The quintessential outfit pairing for a pair of men's black skinny jeans is a white t-shirt, black leather biker jacket and black leather or suede Chelsea boots.

Not sure which brands you should be checking out when it comes to skinny jeans for men? Allow us to reveal all, with this definitive list of best skinny jeans for men to buy right now.

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