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21 Best Black Jeans For Men: Skinny, Ripped & Baggy

Bored of blue? Always bet on black. Whether you're a slim fit or a relaxed jeans kinda guy, these are the best black jeans for guys.

21 Best Black Jeans For Men: Skinny, Ripped & Baggy

Black jeans are a wardrobe essential for all men; their versatility, practicality and ability to be easily styled make them one of the most important items any man can own. They first came about in the 1950s when Levi Strauss decided to revamp its iconic denim by dying them different colours, black being one of them.

Since then, the best black jeans have formed the foundation of many wardrobes and styles for celebrities and Average Joes alike.

How to choose black jeans

To get the perfect black jeans for you, you’ll need to consider three key factors; fit, colour and style. Do you prefer a wider, roomier cut? Or a more athletic, modern slim fit? Remember that black makes you look slimmer so if you’re a smaller guy go for a looser fit and if you’re bigger, go for something tighter, but not too tight!

Colour is also something you should consider. Black jeans don’t just come in one uniform ‘black’ colour; instead, they come in an array of different shades and washes. If you’re looking for something classic, go for a strong dark black without any wash to it. Truly dark black jeans will be easy to style and will look sharp as part of almost any outfit.

You should also consider the style of the jeans. As with colour, there are many different style variations when it comes to black jeans. Some have frayed ends, some have rips and tears. There really is an endless selection of styles to choose from. Depending on your personal style you might want something edgier like a ripped knee or more clean-cut without any ‘damage’, for a timeless and versatile look.

Of the hundreds and thousands of different variations of black jeans out there today, the last factor you need to consider is quality. The extensive choice might seem like a good thing, but the reality is there are a lot of awful black jeans out there that won’t last you even six months.

To help mitigate this problem for you, we’ve delved deep into the backlogs of online retailers and selected the black jeans for men (you can thank us later).