Cool Slides & Sandals For Men That Even The Good Lord Would Wear

Men’s sandals say more about your fashion sense than you probably realise. And whether you are a ‘sports slides’ by the pool guy, a ‘Vespa and rolled up trousers’ guy or a leather Birkenstock loving ‘swag man’, you are going to want to purchase the right men’s sandals to suit your ‘look’.

While we admit it’s hardly neuroscience, from personal experience, misunderstood ‘resort chic’ invitations and many wasted dollars spent, we can tell you this purchasing decision is not as simple as it seems. Firstly, you need to decide what style of beachside footwear is best for you. Australians hold onto their ‘thongs’ with vice-like grips, for example, yet the influx of slides and flip-flips now dominates the vast majority of beaches and poolsides.

You also have the more sophisticated options to contend with, using materials including leather and suede, for pairs that can comfortably be paired with a pair of chino shorts and a smart button-down shirt for evening drinks on the town.

With style taken care of, it’s time to start checking out the brands making waves in the mens’ sandals category, and that’s where we come in. From lesser-known Japanese brands like Suicoke, suave British manufacturers like Grenson, Moroccan Mirage labels like Casablanca 1942 and haute couture favourites like Valentino and Saint Laurent, there is an abundance of shoemakers to consider.

And that’s before you even get onto men’s sandal staples like Birkenstock, premium offerings like Gucci, Irish-Italian fusions like O’Keeffe, classics like Ancient Greek Sandals and, of course, Prada (recommended by Satan himself).

Men’s Sandals FAQ

Which material is best for sandals?

Both leather and rubber are excellent choices for sandals as they are both durable and stylish. The best men’s sandals should incorporate premium materials and easygoing wearability.

Should I size up or down for sandals?

For sandals, it is best to buy one size bigger. This will ensure that you have extra room and prevent your toes or heels from overhanging.

How to style sandals for the summer?

Black, grey and earthy shades are the most versatile color for sandals. Pair then with jeans and casual tee for a relaxed look. Jean shorts call for a more casual option like slides.

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