The 22 Best Casual Shirts For Men Wanting An Effortlessly Cool Look

We've curated the best men's casual shirts and button up shirts.

There aren’t many looks today that can’t be complemented by a good shirt, so having a decent selection hanging up in your wardrobe for all styles, occasions, and seasons is nothing short of imperative.

Not only can you have season-specific casual shirts, such as something short-sleeved and linen for spring and summer, or a long-sleeved button down shirt that’s more heavily weighted for autumn and winter, but you also need to consider the dress code of where you wear your shirts: business shirts, tuxedos, and, of course, casual. There’s always a need for good quality casual shirts.

Every clothing retailer worth their salt will have an extensive casual shirt collection, make no bones about it, but that also means the level of quality will waiver drastically (and usually be reflective of the money you spend). It probably goes without saying, but the more you invest in quality, the happier you’ll be long term. Just be sure to read the washing instructions!

We’ve selected some of our absolute best casual shirts for men and the brands that make them, that will keep you looking stylish at every casual and smart-casual affair.

Best Casual Shirt FAQ

What's the best fabric for a casual shirt?

Linen, cotton, or denim would be our preferred choices when it comes to casual shirt materials.

What colour casual shirts should I own?

You should definitely have a few casual shirts in your wardrobe, as due to their versatility, they can be worn for many occasions. We recommend the classics - white, blue, black - and once you've got those, then select a few bolder colours or prints for those times when you really want to turn heads.

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