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The 24 Best Men's Button-Down Shirts For A Super Polished Yet Cool Look

Men’s button-down shirts are universally loved in the fashion industry due to their versatile and flattering design. Whether you’re trying to make a good first impression at work or you’re headed to a bougie brunch, a button-down is the perfect item of clothing to accompany your attire.

This item of clothing dates all the way back to the 19th century when American John E Brooks saw a polo match while visiting England. Here, he noticed the athletes fashioning these point collared fastened down shirts – a simple design, helping to enhance polo player performance. Taking this inspiration to his grandfather’s company back home, in 1896, The Brooks Brothers introduced it into their menswear collection, with the very first ‘Polo’ shirt.

Button-Down Shirt FAQs

How do I casually wear a button-down?

A button-down is highly versatile. That's why this shirt is so beloved. If you're going for a more laidback, casual look, leave the shirt untucked with a pair of jeans and cool sneakers. However, if you want to be more formal, definitely pair the button-down with some chinos and a sleek blazer.

What's the difference between a button-down and a button-up?

Though these types are similar, a button-up shirt has buttons that can be fastened all the way down the body, whereas a button-down has this plus buttons on the point collar.

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