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24 Best Business Shirts For Classic Corporate Style

Button up, soldier with only the best work shirts for men.

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While an impeccable suit and tie combination can often make the difference between closing a deal, agreeing on a contract, and signing on the dotted line, it’s imperative you have a selection of quality business shirts to really make you pop.

Business shirts for men, fortunately, don’t need to be confined to just being worn with a suit to the office, as their formal versatility means they can be used for other occasions such as date night, or a wedding, to give a couple of examples. For situations such as these, a basic white cotton shirt from a run-of-the-mill brand simply will not suffice. For exemplary quality, softness, and durability you really should be investing something a little more expensive.

When looking to fill your wardrobe with a fresh array of work shirts, you’ll do well to check out some of the most prestigious dedicated shirtmakers and suitmakers around for the last word in quality and branding. Work shirts and dress shirts share much of the same DNA, although you’ll soon find that you can get away with slightly lower quality materials for the office than you can formal events, along with a greater array of colours. Dress shirts tend to stick to a classic white colour.

If you can’t find what your office is looking for at a dedicated shirtmaker (which will be a surprise), some luxury and premium brands will be your next best bet. Ultimately, you want to end up with work shirts that fit well – you don’t want any billowing fabric that makes it look like you’re wearing a tent – and have a stiff collar to accentuate your importance.