The Best Dress Shirt Brands For Men On The Market

An essential, no matter who you are.

The white shirt is an essential menswear piece; no matter the occasion there is a white shirt to match. So it’s often considered the most basic piece of menswear you can own. But, is it? While most men own at least one (or ten) of the collared contraptions, it’s rare to find a white collared shirt that fits exactly right when buying straight off-the-rack.

Why? Today’s white shirt comes in a myriad of cuts and several different shirt collar types, as well as buttoning styles too. Which is why, like when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, when you find your white shirt fit, stock up on seven of the wonderful things.

Still searching for the white-one? Here are some of the best white dress shirts for men. Their cut, fit and subtle texture, are sure to better your workplace style too, all the while adhering to corporate dress codes. Even if you’re not working in an establishment that requires formal attire, these white shirts will cover you for the races, your boss’s wedding and even that oh so important first date. It’s a whitewash win, really.

Best Dress Shirts For Men FAQ

What is a dress shirt?

A dress shirt is a shirt that you wear to formal events such as weddings and parties, or to the office. The most common colour for dress shirts is white, compared to business shirts, which can be found in other colours and they will usually be made of more premium materials.

How should I wear a dress shirt?

Dress shirts should be ironed, worn with the sleeves down and buttoned, tucked into your pants and with all front buttons done up, except for the top if you're not wearing a tie. You can also add collar stiffeners to make sure the collar stays rigid throughout the day.

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