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15 Best Tuxedo Brands For Every Formal Occasion In 2023

These are the tuxedos to buy if you want to live out those 007 fantasies...

Every man worth his stylish salt needs a well-rounded wardrobe. Of course, all guys should have a solid collection of the basics – t-shirts, jeans, chinos, and shorts – but other areas of a man’s wardrobe are just as important and require careful consideration. We’re talking about suits, dress & business shirts, and of course, tuxedos.

Yes, one item that every guy should have in his closet (even if it only gets used once every couple of years) is a tuxedo. A tuxedo is the only thing you can wear to a black-tie event – your best navy suit will simply not suffice – and while a black tux is a classic and safe option, guys can (and should) experiment with white, midnight blue, red – essentially any colour.

When it comes to black-tie events, there are strict rules you need to follow – which you can read about here – for example, white tuxedos are only acceptable to wear at some events, and so making sure you (and your wardrobe) are prepared for any occasion is imperative.

Naturally, of course, tuxes bring with them the association with James Bond, so making sure you have one that fits you perfectly will also help you make waves with the ladies (assuming you’re single and straight, of course).

Therefore, we’ve rounded up which brands produce the best tuxedos to help ensure you never rely on a poor-fitting rental again.