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20 World’s Best Shoemakers You Need To Know, According To Our Editors

When the best simply isn't enough.

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A quality suit is good and a nice watch is a must, but without a decent pair of shoes on your feet, your first impression is likely to suffer. It is often said that the shoes you’re wearing are the first thing people notice when they meet you – even before your slick fade haircut or the Rolex Explorer on your wrist – so ensuring you have a reputable brand caressing your toes will help to ensure your new acquaintances stay to chat, instead of walking away in disgust. 

Yes, shoes are a serious business. Most men that are serious about their shoes identify a preference early on and rarely budge. Some like the weighty durability of English shoemaking, while others prefer Italian shoes for their sleek, lightweight shape. An increasing number think both preceding options can get stuffed, and find their footwear in emerging Japanese or Spanish markets.

Whatever your poison, you can find quality men’s shoemakers in every corner of the world, many of which have been handcrafting pairs of the utmost perfection for decades. But which men’s shoemakers really are the creme de la creme? Allow us to reveal all, with this carefully consolidated list of the best men’s shoemakers in the world.

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