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20 Best Men’s Flip Flops For Summer Lovin’

The flip flops that will carry you through summer in style.

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Looking for the best flip-flops for summer? You’ve come to the right place.

Flip flops are not known as a particularly high-fashion footwear item; you would never go to work or attend a wedding in a pair of flip flops. But they are a wardrobe must-have, especially in summer.

Perfect for casual wear, flip flops are lightweight and are the next best thing to going barefoot. Flip flops have always had to fend off competition from sandals and slides, but as an inexpensive pair of summer footwear, they remain tough to beat.

Plus, flip flops can actually be quite stylish when paired with the right outfit, and can even give you a laid-back, effortlessly cool look.

Men’s Flip Flops FAQs

Which material is best for flip flops?

Both rubber and leather are excellent choices for flip flops as they are both durable and stylish. Although, if you're planning to wear you flip flops near water (the beach, on a boat, lakes, etc.) you definitely need to go for a rubber pair. The best flip flops for men should incorporate premium materials and easygoing wearability.

Should I size up or down for flip flops?

For flip flops, it is best to buy your regular size or one size bigger. This will ensure that your toes or heels don't overhang; but always check specific brands size guides before purchasing.

How do I style flip flops?

Black, grey and earthy shades are the most versatile color for flip flops. Pair them with jeans and casual tee for a relaxed look. If you're after a more vibrant look, pair a brightly coloured pair of flip flops with neutral chino shorts, a white tee, and a matching colourway short sleeve shirt unbuttoned.

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