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22 Best Men’s Summer Shoes For Sunny Style [2023]

Say goodbye to sweaty feet with the best summer shoes for men...

Summer Shoes

Summer shoes – The summer season inevitably brings with it warmer temperatures – with some days feeling hotter than the sun itself – and so dressing appropriately is of utmost importance. It’s also a time to put a stern focus on feeling comfortable and free in regards to your clothing and accessories.

But while it’s relatively easy to head out and dress from head to toe in linen à la Byron Bay hippies, there can be a right and wrong when it comes to footwear. It, therefore, brings to the fore a category of footwear you may not have been aware of before: summer shoes for men.

Men usually pick up any shoes that appear charming to them – which unfortunately encompasses ‘thongs’ too often – but summer shoes for men are made specifically to give the wearer the ultimate in comfort and breathability in the summer season’s high temperatures.

You can use these warmer months to really experiment with footwear (as you’ll most likely be wearing shorts most of the time), letting your summer shoes be the focal point of your outfit. If you find a pair of summer shoes for men that work for you, in terms of both style and comfort, then you’ll want to see what other colours you can get them in. However. with this in mind, you don’t really want to be spending too much on your summer shoes, so affordability should also be high up on the list of criteria. 

Features of the men’s summer shoes

Your best defence against sweaty feet during summer are materials such as real leather and canvas. These exhibit great breathability and, as long as the physical design of the shoe isn’t too chunky, will feel lightweight when you’re wearing them.

The best summer shoes for men also have mesh ventilation panels in areas such as above the toes or on the sides, which help to promote airflow. Lastly, you’ll want to invest in some invisible socks. You’ll likely be spending much of your time during summer wearing shorts, and so leaving your ankles bare, yet ensuring your feet are protected inside your shoes is paramount.

Summer Shoes For Men FAQs

What shoes should men wear in summer?

Men have several options when it comes to choosing shoes to wear in summer. Slip-on styles, such as espadrilles are perfect, as are boat shoes. Ultimately, you want to find a pair of shoes that are made from breathable materials such as genuine leather or canvas. If they have mesh panels to help promote airflow, even better. Low-top styles are your best bet too, as it allows more of your leg to be exposed to fresh air.

Can men wear suede shoes in summer?

Absolutely. Suede is a great option for summer shoes, especially driving shoes and moccasins. They'll be soft and comfortable, and will usually feature a leather lining, which is a great material to encourage breathability.

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