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25 Best White Sneakers For Men: Ranked, Reviewed & Rated

The white sneakers you need on your feet right now.

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The best white sneakers for men is a query that is hard to nail down to one finite pair. With such a huge selection of white sneakers now available to men around the world, in all sorts of styles, materials and coming in at all budgets, finding the best pair of white sneakers for your feet can be easier said than done.

Why are they so popular? We can’t think of another shoe style that is as practical, versatile and timeless as the humble white sneaker, and quite frankly, you’re doing your wardrobe a disservice if you don’t have at least one pair close to hand at all times.

Fortunately, there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to finding white sneakers since so many brands offer their own interpretation. Whether you’re looking for a white sneaker for smart-casual outfits, a white running shoe, or even white sneakers in various in a range of materials, such as leather or canvas, the world is your oyster. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best white sneakers for men currently available, including pairs from both well-known brands and some you might not have heard of before.

What makes us experts? The DMARGE editorial team has purchased and worn almost every brand on this list. We are white sneaker aficionados and can vouch for what’s the best.

Short for time? Here are our white sneaker recommendations.

Brand & SneakerWhy?Price
Oliver Cabell – 1Best All-Round ‘Dress’ Sneaker$199
Allbirds Tree Dasher 2Best Running Sneaker$135
Cariuma OCA LowBest Low Canvas Sneakers$79
Everlane ReLeather Court Sneaker Best Chunky White Sneakers$110
On Running The RogerBest Tennis Shoe$140
Vessi WeekendBest Waterproof Sneaker$145
Axel Arigato Clean 90Best Designer Sneaker$250
White Oliver Cabell Sneakers

Oliver Cabell Low 1 White

Best All White Sneaker

White Oliver Cabell Sneakers
Oliver Cabell $199
For classic style, high-quality materials and affordable pricing, there’s not a lot that can best Oliver Cabell. The Low 1 silhouette is as timeless as they come and for just shy of $200, we can’t think of a better all-white sneaker to add to your shoe collection.

First-Hand Experience: Our editor owned a pair of these and can say they're comfortable but found they didn't last as long as Common Projects.

Why we like them: Genuine white leather, well priced.
White Allbirds Sneakers

Allbirds Tree Dasher 2

Best White Running Sneaker

White Allbirds Sneakers
Allbirds $135
When Allbirds came along with its woollen, machine-washable sneakers in 2016, we have to admit, we were a little baffled. How could they possibly perform up to the standards the company claimed? Well, we hold our hands up and say we were wrong. Having tried Allbirds sneakers ourselves, we can confidently say they are some of the most comfortable shoes we've ever put on our feet. And now, with the second-generation Tree Dasher running shoe on the scene, the experience is better than ever. With more responsive foam, an even comfier fit and added grip, it’s the perfect shoe for runs and everyday wear. We also love the blizzard white colouring featured above.

The slight off-white nature makes them less in-your-face, a big plus in our opinion, and the minimalist look makes them an absolute breeze to pair with pretty much anything you have in your wardrobe.

First-Hand Experience: Our editor has run in these and they're a solid everyday running shoe
Best For: Everyday runs, walks, roads, light workouts

Why we like them: Carbon neutral
White Cariuma Sneakers

Cariuma OCA Low

Best Low Canvas Sneaker

White Cariuma Sneakers
Cariuma $79
If you like your white sneakers with a low top and to be made from sustainable materials, then the Cariuma OCA Low canvas sneakers are the perfect option. Made in ethical factories using a range of materials including raw rubber and cork – and endorsed by surfing legends including Gerry Lopez, Italo Ferreira, Jamie O'Brien and Kai Lenny – the Cariuma OCA Low is a white sneaker you need to consider.

Material: Canvas
Sole: 100% Vegan Insole

Why we like them: Cheap, without sacrificing quality.
White tropicfeel Sneakers

Tropicfeel Geyser Litli B. White

A Great White Sneaker For Travellers

White tropicfeel Sneakers
Tropicfeel $150
You might not have heard of Tropicfeel before, but the company’s sneakers are up there with the best. This pair of Geyser white sneakers have been made with travellers in mind, combining soft and cosy wool with a waterproof membrane, so they can be worn whatever the weather. They’re easy on the eye too if we do say so ourselves.

Material: 82% Recycled Nylon, 10.5% Recycled Elastane
Best For: Travel, Smart casual occasions

Why we like them: Genuine leather, well priced, waterproof
White Allbirds Sneakers

Allbirds Tree Runner

Best Everday Sneaker

White Allbirds Sneakers
Allbirds $105
It might have runner in the name, but the Allbirds Tree Runner sneakers are a perfect everyday shoe. Lightweight, extremely comfortable and even machine-washable, there’s not a lot they’re not good for.

Best For: Walking, warmer weather, everyday wear

Why we like them: Eucalyptus tree fibre treads
White Oliver Cabell Sneakers

Oliver Cabell Low 1 White Wall

Best Distressed-Look White Sneaker

White Oliver Cabell Sneakers
Oliver Cabell $199
There has been a recent demand for distressed-looking white sneakers, to save you the hassle and time of making yours look worn-in. While you could spend a fortune on the worn-in look, these Oliver Cabell Low 1 White Wall sneakers offer a far more affordable route to getting the distressed look.

Why we like them: Cheap version of Golden Goose
White Vessi Sneakers

Vessi Weekend

Best Waterproof White Sneaker

White Vessi Sneakers
Vessi $145
White sneakers that are totally waterproof? Sign us up. This pair from Vessi feature a breathable knitted upper, making them lightweight and comfortable, yet they’re 100 percent waterproof so you can wear them without worry come rain or shine.'

Why we like them: Waterproof and perfect for summer
White Everlane Sneakers

Everlane ReLeather Court Sneaker

Best Affordable White Sneaker

White Everlane Sneakers
Everlane $110
Everlane’s ReLeather Court sneaker takes a tried and tested sneaker silhouette (no prizes for guessing which iconic sneaker it has been based upon), but is now made from recycled leather. Simple, sustainable and affordable, they’re an easy addition to your collection.

Why we like them: A classic chunky sneaker
White Oliver Cabell Sneakers

Oliver Cabell Low 1 White Gum

Best White Gum Sole Sneakers

White Oliver Cabell Sneakers
Oliver Cabell $199
We get that not everybody is going to be into the completely all-white look, which is where a gum sole comes into its own. Offering a more retro look, a gum sole also offers a better defense against dirt and water. This pair of Low 1 White Gum sneakers from Oliver Cabell fit the bill perfectly, maintaining a minimalist look, all the while being incredibly practical.

Why we like them: Genuine white leather, well priced.
White Allbirds Sneakers

Allbirds Wool Pipers

A Great White Sneaker For Cooler Weather

White Allbirds Sneakers
Allbirds $110
The Allbirds Wool Pipers arrive in a more classic sneaker style but, being made from Merino wool means they’re cosy, warm and incredibly comfortable. Pair them with everyday outfits or even something a little smarter for something like a cocktail party or a late-night date.

Why we like them: Wool is the future of sneakers
White On Running Sneakers

On Running Cloud X

Best White Sneakers For Training

White On Running Sneakers
On Running $140
The On Running Cloud X are some of the most technically-advanced training shoes you can buy. Combining a range of features that give you support where you need it with the ability to move freely, they may just help to supercharge your running workouts.

Why we like them: Backed by Roger Federer and comfy as hell
White Koio Sneakers

Koio Capri

Affordable Luxury White Sneakers

White Koio Sneakers
Koio $295
American footwear brand Koio has taken a timeless low sneaker style and given it a dash of luxury in the Capri. Combining genuine soft leather and a super soft suede heel and contrast accents, they’re easily some of the best luxury white sneakers you can buy.

Why we like them: A modern take on a classic sneaker
White Allbirds Sneakers

Allbirds Tree Pipers

Lightweight And Breathable White Sneaker For Warmer Conditions

White Allbirds Sneakers
Allbirds $105
The Allbirds Tree Pipers are the same as the Wool Pipers, but are made from eucalyptus tree fibres instead, making them incredibly breathable. This makes them a no-brainer if you spend a lot of your time in warmer climates, where keeping your feet cool is an absolute must.

Why we like them: Cheap for kicking around in
White On Running Sneakers

On Running The Roger Advantage

Best White Tennis Shoe

White On Running Sneakers
On Running $140
It’s only fitting that Roger Federer had a hand in developing one of the best pairs of tennis shoes around. Combining a minimalist, timeless look with On Running’s CloudTec technology for outright comfort, whether you’re walking or running, you have yourself a pair of the best white sneakers for men.

Why we like them: Great take on a classic tennis shoe
White Cole Haan Sneakers

Cole Haan Generation Zerøgrand II

Best White Sneakers For Day Trips

White Cole Haan Sneakers
Cole Haan $90
Cole Haan doesn’t just make dress shoes, as this pair of Generation Zerøgrand II proves. Using various sustainable materials, including the rubber from the dandelion plant, these are a capable pair of everyday white sneakers for men, offering flexibility, breathability and comfort.

Why we like them: Cole Haan leading the way with cool designs
White Greats Sneakers

Greats The Royale

Classic White Sneaker Style With An On-Trend Twist

White Greats Sneakers
Greats $179
Brooklyn-based Greats has made the classic men’s white sneaker effortlessly cool with a few genius tweaks, as seen in The Royale. They’re made from full-grain leather and handcrafted, resulting in a pair of everyday white sneakers that match with anything.

Why we like them: Top quality without price tag
White On Running Sneakers

On Running Cloudeasy

Best White Sneaker For Active People

White On Running Sneakers
On Running $130
For all-day comfort wrapped up in minimalist style, the On Running Cloudeasy are some of the best sneakers around. Using just 15 parts and saving on materials wherever possible, they not only look and feel great, but they’re rather sustainable too.

Why we like them: Low fuss slip on design

Cole Haan GrandPrø Rally

Best Wide White Sneaker

Cole Haan $150
It's a fact of life that she men have wider feet than others, and finding sneakers to fit those wide feet can be a pain. This pair of Cole Haan GrandPrø Rally Laser Cut sneakers are available in a range of widths so you can enjoy a comfortable pair of sneakers that don't look like something you'd find at a bargain shoe store.

Why we like them: Just a very handsome sneaker for work or play
White Cariuma Sneakers

Cariuma IBI

Most Comfortable White Sneakers

White Cariuma Sneakers
Cariuma $98
A mixture of recycled materials and a bamboo knit fabric make the Cariuma IBI some of the most comfortable sneakers you’ll ever slide your feet into. Machine-washable to keep them looking their best at all times, and the added benefit of having 2 trees planted whenever a pair is bought, you’ll be doing some good for yourself and the planet.

Why we like them: They're basic but good for everyday
White Axel Arigato Sneakers

Axel Arigato Clean 90

Best Designer White Sneaker

White Axel Arigato Sneakers
Axel Arigato $250
Swedish brand Axel Arigato is a master of minimal style, and we don’t think you can get a cleaner-looking pair of sneakers than the Clean 90. Handcrafted in Portugal from 100 percent genuine leather, the Clean 90 are a perfectly affordable, yet still luxurious alternative to some of the big name fashion houses.

Why we like them: In between cheap and luxury
White Fitflop Sneakers

Fitflop Vitamin

Best White Sneaker For Walking

White Fitflop Sneakers
Fitflop $150
You might know Fitflop sandals and flip-flops, but you can also find an incredibly accomplished range of sneakers, including the Vitamin. Designed as a sports sneaker for anyone who loves to lead an active lifestyle, they’re incredibly lightweight, while the stretchy knit fabric makes sliding them on a breeze. The stretchiness also means they mould around your foot, giving you support where it’s needed most.

Why we like them: Construction is modern and comfy
White Casca Sneakers

Casca Avro Knit

Best Custom-Fit White Sneaker

White Casca Sneakers
Casca $168
The Avro Knit is, as the name suggests, made from a knitted fabric for the upper section. This bends and conforms to your feet and gives them air to breathe. The default insole is thicker and more cushioned than what you're likely to find on other pairs but if you want truly custom shoes, you can scan your feet and send the dimensions to Casca, who will 3D-print a pair of insoles to ensure you get the optimum fit.

Why we like them: One of the most comfortable shoes you can buy
White Cole Haan Sneakers

Cole Haan Zerøgrand Outpace 2 Running Shoes

Award-Winning White Running Sneaker

White Cole Haan Sneakers
Cole Haan $120
Forget the big-name sports brands, if you need a pair of good-looking running shoes look no further than this pair from Cole Haan. The Zerøgrand Outpace 2 running shoe for men is designed for light jogs and gym workouts but with the Superfeel Foam absorbing all kinds of shocks, they’ll happily double up as an effortless pair of everyday white sneakers.

Why we like them: Well priced and looks good
White Vessi Sneakers

Vessi Everyday Move

Best Waterproof White Running Sneaker

White Vessi Sneakers
Vessi $140
Another great everyday sneaker is the Vessi Everyday Move. Taking care of the essentials such as breathability, comfort and support, the Vessi Everyday Move in white is a waterproof sneaker for men that’s well worth considering.

Why we like them: A good brand, doing good things.

Allbirds Tree Flyers

Best Performance White Runner

Allbirds $160
Go faster and farther with the new Tree Flyer. Lightweight, super springy, and wildly comfortable, this distance running shoe makes your extra efforts feel effortless.

Why we like them: Lightweight and killer design