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The Best Men’s White Sneakers To Buy Right Now

The staple no man should be without.

White sneakers have rapidly become a menswear cult. Their versatility, practicality and timelessness have solidified their place in any modern man’s wardrobe.

Whether you are heading to a job interview, summer wedding or just a dinner at the local with some mates, the white sneaker style is appropriate for all occasions. Pair them with jeans, shorts or even a suit, it’s safe to say, no matter what’s planned, pull them off correctly, and you’re in for a home run.

If you instead would prefer a fleet of white sneaks’ there is a multitude of different options that suit any and every budget and style. To make your decision (somewhat) easier, we at D’Marge have scrutinised the expansive white sneaker market and have compiled a list of our favourite low-top, high-top and slip-on white sneakers.

Know Your Styles

Low Cut

In recent years low cut white sneakers have transitioned from an on-court icon to an every day essential – even if it’s as simple as wearing sneakers with a shirt or sneakers with a suit. Brands like Common Projects, Veja and Brunello Cucinelli have redefined what white sneakers look like and what their role in a wardrobe is. No matter if you’d prefer a clean-cut silhouette or chunky sole, leather or canvas, there is a white sneaker to fit all styles. No matter your preferences for materials or style, there is a low-top white sneaker for you – even in the cheap sneaker category.

High Top

Live in a colder climate? Love Basketball? Want to be Casey Neistat? Whatever your reason, high-top white sneakers can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Whilst they might seem like a summer staple, white sneakers can add contrast to both dark winter days and outfits as well as providing more practicality and durability to their low-top alternatives. Here is our best high-top white sneakers.

Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell

We’re big fans of Oliver Cabell, why? It’s because they make incredibly high-quality white sneakers (and other sneakers) without the insane markup. Founder Scott Gabrielson believes in cutting out the middle man and doing away with the hefty profit. Instead, you have sneakers as good as the luxury brands but for a lot less.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 White
Low 1 | White $178
Oliver Cabell GAT White
GAT | White $188
Oliver Cabell Phoenix White
Phoenix | White $95



Like us, you’ve probably seen Scarosso advertised on Instagram. After some research, we discovered  Scarosso is making some of the best looking sneakers (and footwear) on the market. With Scarosso you’re getting Made In Italy quality with timeless and elegant style. Did we mention the very competitive price point too? Get around it.

Scarosso Ugo Bianco Sneakers
Ugo Bianco Sneakers $237
Scarosso Cosmo Nero Sneakers
Cosmo Nero Sneakers $237
Scarosso Cosmo Bianco Sneakers
Cosmo Bianco Sneakers $237



Aurélien claims their products are made in the same factories as the most well-known designer labels. And we don’t doubt this. Their sneaker range is heavily inspired by some of the top luxury brand designs and it shows. Thankfully you’re not going to have the hefty price tag when you purchase a pair of Aurélien sneakers. They’re what you call ‘Smart Luxury’.

Aurélien White Cambridge Sneaker
White Cambridge Sneaker $183
Aurélien Off White Cap-Toe Sneaker
Off-White Cap-Toe Sneaker $194



The sneakers everyone is wearing that have the V on the side. Veja is a French brand that claims ecological and fair trade conditions and to work with cooperatives of small producers and social associations in Brazil and France. They’re great value for money and come in a range of colours and styles.

VEJA Esplar Logo Red
Esplar Logo $120
Nova $100
VEJA Esplar Logo Blue
Esplar Logo $120



Born in Brooklyn, GREATS designs classically inspired sneakers for men and women using luxury high-quality materials and construction. Still headquartered in Williamsburg, GREATS make men’s sneakers with a luxury feel but with a slight design difference to the other brands.

Greats The Royale Blanco White
The Royale Blanco White $179
Greats The Royale Blaco Gum
The Royale Blaco Gum $179
Greats The Royale Knit White
The Royale Knit White $119



Founded in 2014 by Isabel and José Maria, JAK is a bootstrapped, independent brand, based in Lisbon, Portugal. What we love most about Jak is the design. They take your classic sneaker designs and add a slight twist. This ensures you’re not getting the same kicks as everyone else. Being based in Portugal means top-quality and great price. Almost the best price from what we’ve seen.

Jak White Royal Sneakers
White Royal Sneakers $161
Jak White Atom Sneakers
White Atom Sneakers $161
Jak White and Black Royal Sneakers
White and Black Royal Sneakers $161

Uniform Standard

Uniform Standard

Uniform Standard is another favourite of D’Marge. Sure they made great quality white sneakers but they also make some terrific other colours too. Considered to be British minimal sneakers, designed in East London and handcrafted in Portugal using the finest Italian leathers and premium sustainable recycled materials. This is nothing but good news.

Uniform Standard White Leather Series 3 Sneakers
White Leather Series 3 Sneakers $171
Uniform Standard White Leather Series 1 Sneakers
White Leather Series 1 Sneakers $171

North 89

North 89

Founded in 2016, North-89 design sneakers in the north for the world. Drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian weather conditions and design their no-fuss collections accordingly. We like their use of materials – all made in Portugal, so you’re getting great quality. Shoes are packaged in a premium branded shoebox with extra waxed cotton laces.

North 89 No-1 Napa Sneakers
No-1 Napa Sneakers $237
North 89 No-2 Grädde Sneakers
No-2 Grädde Sneakers $215
North 89 White Suede Breathable Sneakers
White Suede Breathable Sneakers $245

Axel Arigato

Axel Arigato

Axel Arigato burst onto the scene in 2014. The brainchild of Swedes Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson the original collections were known for sneakers with colourful birds on them. Today they make all shapes and sizes of men’s sneakers. They’re made in Portugal and are top quality. Bang for buck, you can’t go wrong with Axel Arigato.

Axel Arigato Low Top Cap-Toe Sneakers
Low Top Cap-Toe Sneakers $254
Axel Arigato Clean 90 Low Top Sneakers
Clean 90 Low-Top Sneakers $270
Axel Arigato Dunk Low Top Sneakers
Dunk Low-Top Sneakers $262

Common Projects

Common Projects

The darling of the white sneaker war is the most expensive men’s leather sneakers. Common Projects are exceptional quality and what all the cool kidswear. If you want to invest in a pair of white sneakers for special occasions and brand names matter, then Common Projects is the brand we would recommend.

Common Projects Achilles Mid Sneakers
Achilles Mid Sneakers $495
Common Projects White Achilles Leather Low-Top Sneakers
White Achilles Leather Low-Top Sneakers $591
Common Projects White BBall Leather Low-Top Sneakers
White BBall Leather Low-Top Sneakers $609

Von Routte

Von-Röutte is an independent label founded by brazilian born and sydney based couple gus & marina. combining a background in graphic design and natural sciences, we aim to create understated and easy-to-wear shoes and accessories.

Von Routte Lyon Shoes
Lyon Sneaker White $260
Von Routte Siena Sneaker All White
Siena Sneaker All White $260
Von Routte Munich Sneaker White
Munich Sneaker White $270


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