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14 Best Men’s Underwear Australia: Tested And Ranked By Our Editors

For comfort, style and durability that you just can't miss.

Image: Romer Macapuno

When I first embarked on my journalistic journey, I never would have guessed that my investigations would lead me to the world of men’s underwear. It wasn’t something that I had ever considered dissecting or reporting on, but as I delved deeper into this area, I quickly realised just how fascinating it could be…

As I began my research, I found myself ordering countless pairs of boxer shorts from the most popular Australian brands. But what seemed like a simple task quickly turned into a daunting challenge. Finding the right pair of underwear is much harder than it seems – I discovered that it truly is a fine art.

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the perfect pair of underwear. The fit, support, fabric, comfort, colour, design, and sustainability of both the garment and its packaging all come into play. But there are also a host of more intangible factors to take into account. Sometimes, the vibe of a pair of underwear just isn’t right, and it’s hard to put your finger on why…

Despite these challenges, I was determined to take on the task of handpicking the best men’s underwear and putting them to the test. I wanted to give my readers an honest and detailed analysis of each pair, so that they could make informed decisions when it came to selecting their own underwear.

Each brand has its own unique style and approach, and it takes a discerning eye to determine which pairs truly stand out from the rest. Armed with nothing but my research and experience, I was able to provide a comprehensive guide to the world of men’s underwear that I hope will prove useful to readers for years to come…

Short for time? Here are the Take-Aways

Best Overall:Tradie – No Chafe Boxer
Best For Exercise:Lululemon – Built To Move Boxer
Best Value:Uniqlo – AIRism Boxer
Best For Relaxing:Uniqlo – Supima Boxer
Cheekiest: Knobby – Bamboo Staples Boxer
Best For Sustainability:Stonemen – Essential Boxer Brief
Best Pouch:Sparx – Classic Bamboo Boxer
Best Bamboo Boxers:Boody – Everyday Boxer


When it comes to selecting the right pair of men’s underwear, there are various factors to consider, including comfort, style, durability, and functionality. To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, the methodology I utilised for choosing the ultimate Australian men’s underwear involved wearing each pair for approximately 24 hours.

The 24-hour testing period was divided into three main states of activity, which included resting, light movement, and intense exercise.

During the resting state, the underwear was evaluated for its ability to provide comfort and support during periods of extended inactivity. The light movement state involved activities such as working at the office, commuting, or going to the supermarket, which required a moderate level of physical movement.

Finally, the intense exercise state involved activities such as going for a run or to the gym, which placed a high demand on the underwear’s performance in terms of comfort, support, and moisture-wicking ability. It is worth noting that exercise was always the last thing in each 24-hour cycle to prevent any hygiene concerns…

Furthermore, each pair of underwear was evaluated based on a range of criteria, including the quality of the fabric, the fit, the level of support provided, the breathability, and the overall comfort. Factors such as the waistband design, the placement of seams, and the level of elasticity were also taken into consideration.

A Bit About Me – Height, Weight, Dimensions

Let me give you a more in-depth insight into my physical dimensions and how they impact my preference for underwear.

As we all know, finding the perfect pair of underwear can be a daunting task. It involves considering factors such as size, fit, comfort, and personal style, amongst many others. Therefore, I thought it would be beneficial to share some essential information about me to provide a better understanding of my opinions and how they might impact your future purchases…


Standing tall at 6’6″ (198cm), I am a somewhat towering figure, which undoubtedly influences my preference when it comes to the rise of my boxers.

For those who may not know, the rise of the boxers refers to how high up the waistband sits on your body.

Given my height, I prefer boxers with a longer rise to provide adequate coverage, especially as the distance between my hips and balls is probably greater than the average bloke’s.


I currently weigh approximately 95kg and consider myself fairly fit.

However, as an ex-rugby player, I do carry some extra weight around my thighs, which may impact my underwear choices compared to someone who is skinnier through the waist and leg.

So, while my opinions on underwear should be relevant to everyone in one regard or another, I understand that others may find their experience with the same underwear differing due to differences in body type.


When it comes to sizing, I typically wear a 36″ waist in most bottoms, including underwear. For consistency, I opted to try out all the boxers in a “Large” size, despite the possibility that my opinions may have differed had I tried a size up or down.

In short: understanding a bit about me is vital in comprehending my opinions and preferences when it comes to underwear.

As you read through my reviews, keep in mind that what works for me may not necessarily work for you, and it’s always best to consider your body type and personal preferences when selecting the perfect pair of underwear.

So, without further ado, here are my opinions, praises, and criticisms of Australia’s best Men’s Underwear for 2023:

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