BVLGARI MAN’s Newest Cologne Collection Is The Perfect Gift For Any Man In Your Life

Solving the Christmas gift dilemma.

The following article was produced in partnership with Bulgari.

After being cooped up in lockdown for most of 2021, Australian men have discovered a newfound appreciation for self-care – especially grooming. We’ve been keen to experiment, whether that’s meant a new hairstyle or discovering a new fragrance to wear, now that we’re finally allowed out.

But when it comes to the latter, that’s easier said than done. A fragrance is a deeply personal, individual thing: despite the stereotype, men don’t just want to throw on any old stink, we want something that reflects our character, personality and energy. Near enough is simply not good enough. We want something a bit different.

That’s why the new BVLGARI MAN Collection is such a breath of fresh air. Encompassing four new fragrances and crafted by acclaimed master perfumer Alberto Morillas, this innovative new collection from the legendary Italian luxury house is refreshing, natural and modern – eminently agreeable and perfect for all different types of men.

Discover the BVLGARI MAN Collection

Man Terrae Essence

Let’s start with the newest addition to the BVLGARI MAN Collection: Man Terrae Essence. Inspired by the fertile, lush landscapes of Tuscany, Man Terrae Essence is warm, rich and instinctive. A vetiver-based scent with top notes of citrus; smoky, floral heart notes and leathery, earthy base notes, it’s a natural, highly masculine fragrance perfect for a man who’s in touch with his roots – literally as well as figuratively.

Man Glacial Essence

Man Glacial Essence, however, is a totally different sensation. Fresh, sparkling and spicy, it’s the perfect scent for a man of action: juniper berry and ginger clash with notes of Australian sandalwood and Alaskan cedarwood in a blend that’s at once both grounded yet invigorating and aspirational.

Man Wood Essence

For the man about town, there’s Man Wood Essence. As the name implies, it’s a woody yet fresh fragrance with inspired notes of cypress and coriander making it stand out from the crowd. Bold yet soft and sweet, it’s perfect for the office (or drinks after work) – a modern urban native.

Man in Black

The final fragrance in the BVLGARI MAN Collection, Man in Black, is best described as sexy. Featuring a fierce and fiery blend of spicy tobacco and leather, this is a fragrance that celebrates indomitable strength and irresistible magnetism. Talk about getting hot under the collar…

With both summer and Christmas on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to help a man in your life discover a new fragrance. And there’s no better place to look for a gift than the BVLGARI MAN Collection. No matter which fragrance you choose, you’re on to a winner.

Discover the amazing array of men’s fragrances that is the BVLGARI MAN Collection here.