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Australian Man Found An ATM Loophole, Withdraws $1.6M To Hire Private Jet

And to “spoil” his mates with expensive gifts…

While your best friend probably winces every time they have to buy you a beer, one Aussie legend has spent upwards of $1.5 million on private jets, lavish restaurants and expensive gifts for his mates.

This came about through an ATM glitch, which allowed Dan Saunders, an Aussie bloke (at the time) working in a pub to continuously withdraw money despite the machine saying “transaction cancelled.”

And although, “It baffled him when the money kept coming out, but not appearing on his statements, (” that wasn’t quite enough to stop him…


“A lot of it is a blur I guess.” Mr Saunders told Today Tonight with a big grin.

“I’m transferring money from my credit card to my savings account and it’s just spitting the card back out and saying ‘transaction cancelled’,” he continued.

“But (I) go in and check the balance and the money’s there.”

“I was just interested in having a good time, drinking some nice wine and meeting some nice people and just enjoying things really,” he tells the current affairs program.

The only problem? Obtaining money by deception is a criminal offence.

Dan knew that, and was—again—baffled when “someone (from the bank or police) didn’t come,” revealing in his television debut that he, “Thought it was going to end after one week, not four and a half months.”

As it turns out, no-one came, and in the first few weeks alone Dan spent $20,000—a figure that over the course of four months spiralled into a hair raising $1.6 million.

Until he turned himself in.

While Dan admits he wouldn’t have made those decisions if it weren’t for finding “some crazy ATM loophole,” he appears to have zero regrets, as the glitch gave him a taste of a lifestyle he never would have experienced otherwise.


As reports, “His short-lived life as a high roller began after he finished working a shift at his local pub in Wangaratta in rural Victoria in 2011.”

“Realising he can now afford anything he wanted, he headed straight for designer stores.”

He then spent $90,000 on a private jet to take him and a some mates to a remote Asian island for a weekend getaway.

“It’s a pretty addictive thing to make money appear from nowhere and be able to spend it.”

But eventually Dan began to worry about the law catching up with him: “I think the money and the general good time made it bearable but I always knew something, someone would come or something would happen,” he told Today Tonight.

“At the end of it I had to say to myself, ‘Am I an international criminal who’s just going to transfer money away and never be seen again?’”

“That’s when I stopped doing it because I asked myself that question … and the answer was ‘no’,” he explained.

As a result of coming clean, he was charged with obtaining money by deception, and sentenced to a year in jail, in 2015.

Now out of jail, he’s back working in hospitality—on $22 an hour—and although he misses his “money tree” every day, he hasn’t gone back to an ATM to try again…

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  • Mike Ipsen

    Idiot should have worked with someone to invest it. He could have lived off just the interest gained on that much easily. Too brainwashed by consumerism to actually do something that would have worked in his favor.

  • TheAmigosāœˆ

    I love the fact he thought of others. I hope the mates came to visit him during that year in jail lol. Making ROI off illegal proceeds is still an offence might have earned him more time.

  • close call

    Seems the guy was able go to the well more than a few times.
    !.6M is 40k a year, for forty years. He had his chance, his
    choice was butter, not guns. He had the retirement monies
    (guns)but buttered others bread. Oh well, you make it happen
    you watch it happen, or you wake-up, and ask what the hell
    happened. Cheers!

  • ShitWorld

    WHAT AN IDIOT! It’s no concern of his why this was happening, the blame should have stuck with the ATM company. For all he knew they were gifting him the windfall. This is the attitude with EVERY banking institution when you sign a Promissory note. Banks don’t make loans, they EXCHANGE security devices: your signature on a PN creates X amount in value that you exchange for their checkbook money. At the end of term, “loan” or mortgage, you’ll never see that PN ever again. It continues to circulate in the economy over and over and over. Download “Modern Money Mechanics” pub. by the Chicongo (Chicago) Federal Reserve, this filthy scam is exposed on page 6. Story has it that the woman employee who compiled this bit of education disappeared.


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