Apes Spotted On Horseback In San Francisco For New Movie Promotion

Apes. Together. Strong.

Apes Spotted On Horseback In San Francisco For New Movie Promotion

Image: 20th Century Fox / San Franciso Chronicle

Cinephiles old enough to remember the original Planet of the Apes saga will have uncomfortable flashbacks after spotting the latest movie promotion in San Francisco, as “apes” were seen riding on horseback in front of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

The modern remake of the classic movie franchise Planet of the Apes is set for its next evolution, with Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes releasing in Australian cinemas on 9 May 2024. The series depicts a world (our world) in which humanity is all but wiped out and genetically altered apes have evolved and thrived to conquer Earth and rule as the dominant species.

It’s certainly a terrifying thought, but one that has gripped audiences since its original release in the 1960s. Now in its third phase, the celebrated series uses cutting-edge VFX and motion capture technology to deliver hyper-realism for its primate cast… but a recent publicity stunt in the U.S. has brought this dystopian disaster to life.

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WATCH Apes spotted on horseback in San Francisco to promote Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes below.

Of course, these are actors in suits. But as movie promotions go, this has got to be up there. The startling reminder of the film’s looming premise shocked the unsuspecting passersby, invoking eerie parallels to the fictional world depicted on the silver screen.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is set decades after Caser’s reign. Large communities of apes have been built on the teachings of their messianic figure, whilst some pockets of the apes have never even heard of Caeser and his years as leader of the primal population.

For those who remember the original saga, the parallels are impossible to ignore; if this latest stunt is anything to go by, it doesn’t look good for the remaining humans in this surreal sci-fi scene.