James Bond Hopeful Aaron Taylor-Johnson Shuts Down Journalist’s Questions At London Premiere

At least he's got the Top Secret part down...

James Bond Hopeful Aaron Taylor-Johnson Shuts Down Journalist’s Questions At London Premiere

Aaron Taylor-Johnson maintained characteristic secrecy regarding rumours tying him to one of British cinema’s most sought-after roles, deflecting a journalist’s line of questioning about James Bond at a London Premiere this week.

Just last month, reports that Aaron Taylor-Johnson had accepted a historic offer to take over the iconic role of James Bond were spreading like wildfire online. It was suggested that the English actor was well-liked by Bond bosses, as he was slightly younger than many of the other candidates and not yet a household name, reportedly performing well when offered a screen test by producers.

Since then, former Bond actors Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby have both endorsed Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s casting, but the actor in question has yet to address the rumours publicly… until now.

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Speaking at the London Premiere of The Fall Guy alongside Hollywood heavyweight Ryan Gosling, the Bond-hopeful was taking questions from the Red Carpet regarding his latest flick. As he made his way down the press line, a journalist posed the inevitable question: “Do you get sick of being asked about Bond?”

Taylor-Johnson paused and smiled, perhaps contemplating the most diplomatic response given the covert nature of casting decisions. “Are you tired of asking?” he quipped, flashing a grin, before ending the exchange with, “Alright. Have a good one.”

With so much speculation persisting around the next actor to don the fabled tux, it’s no surprise to see the Bond favourite coy on his future within the iconic British movie franchise. Fans of Bond will simply have to wait a little longer for 007’s next secret mission.