Sydney Sweeney Tipped To Star As Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s First Bond Girl Companion

It's starting to look like an all-star cast for Bond 26...

Sydney Sweeney Tipped To Star As Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s First Bond Girl Companion

Euphoria and Anyone But You star Sydney Sweeney has been tipped by Entertainment insiders to land a role in the new era of the classic James Bond franchise, after Aaron Taylor-Johnson was all but confirmed to take over the iconic role.

What’s Bond without his girls? Well, modern releases of the celebrated British cinema franchise have quite rightly moved away from the tired “damsel in distress” trope that clung to the stories in the earlier works. Modern audiences are desperate for filmmakers to present rounded female characters with depth and were impressed by Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson’s vision for the new chapter of the films.

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In No Time To Die, audiences were treated to a new 007 for the first time, as Lashana Lynch’s Nomi was introduced to take over the fabled moniker in Bond’s untimely absence. It was teased that Bond heads were considering making the switch permanent, reimagining the franchise with a female lead instead of Ian Fleming’s now-iconic character.

But of course, James Bond is a man. And whilst Lynch’s character showed that audiences are interested in progressive plots that present female characters as more than just objects of Bond’s desire, the role of the Bond Girl is as iconic as the franchise itself… and if insider tips are correct, one of the world’s biggest stars could be set to star in the films’ new direction.

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Fresh off the success of Anyone But You (and the not-so-remarkable Madame Web), American actress Sydney Sweeney has reportedly been selected as the first Bond Girl of the new era and is set to star alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the first film.

“Actress of the moment, Sydney Sweeney, is a new favourite to be cast as the ‘Bond Girl’. The American has signed on to play a pivotal role in the highly anticipated Euphoria season 3, airing in 2025, rumoured to be the same year Bond 26 will hit cinemas,” Liam Solomon, Head of PR for Instant Casinos has said.

Sydney Sweeney is currently 5/2 favourite for the coveted role, whilst Kingsman alumni Colin Firth and Taron Egerton are tipped to join as M and Q, respectively, in what’s shaping up to be an all-star ensemble for the movie’s exciting new chapter.