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iPhone 15 Pro Titanium Review: The Best iPhone Ever Made?

Is the iPhone 15 worth the hype?

iPhone 15 Pro Titanium Review: The Best iPhone Ever Made?


Apple’s latest offering, the iPhone 15 Pro, has arrived on the market with a lot of interest, leading to many lauding it as the best phone the tech giants have ever made. Here, I’ll go through my own experiences with the latest model to see if it really does live up to the hype…

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

VERDICT: This is, without a doubt, the best iPhone I’ve ever used, and this is only confirmed with each passing day as I continue to discover the awesome new features available exclusively with this new model.


  • Premium look and feel.
  • The best phone camera on the market today.
  • Universal USB-C port.
  • Improved synergy with all my Apple devices.


  • Higher price point.

I feel it’s important to preface this piece by saying that before I got my hands on the new iPhone 15 Pro, I had been using the iPhone 12 for the better part of two years; before that, I had an iPhone X, and as such, the iPhone 15 Pro is simply the best phone I’ve ever used.

I’ve always had iPhones, however. Since the first iteration came out in 2007, I’ve been a committed Apple-file, consistently opting for the superior Apple products available on the market compared to their Android counterparts.

And now, as Apple releases their latest version of the world’s most popular phone, I’m certainly keen to get to grips with all the many new features contained in this titanium package.

The important stuff

NameApple iPhone 15 Pro
PriceFrom $1,849
Capacity128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Screen6.1″, 6.7″ Super Retina XDR Display
Camera48MP Main, 12MP Ultra Wide 3x Optical Zoom
Video Recording4K
ChipA17 Pro Chip

A first glance at iPhone 15 Pro

Aesthetically, this is an undeniably beautiful phone. The titanium body is undoubtedly one of the most defining features of this revised model; it’s sleek, and refined. Apple has maintained the iPhone’s box-like design of previous models, but it’s now slightly curved at the edges, the corners have been softened and whilst the size hasn’t been altered from the previous version, it feels slimmer.

I went for the natural titanium look for this one; it’s the first time I’ve deviated from a black body. But when the phone is cut to size from a single piece of polished titanium, it feels as though you have to choose the natural look.


However for those of you who like a spot of colour in your life, for the first time, the glass back to this year’s iPhone has been infused with colour throughout, for that extra gloss; it’s then enclosed in aerospace-grade aluminium for added durability.

The titanium finish certainly weighs less on paper but still maintains this premium feel to it. So much so that I’m refusing to put a case on this one – much to the protest of my editor – but it just doesn’t feel right chucking an old plastic case over this phone… I’ll be careful I swear.

The iPhone 15 Pro will replace your camera

Much of the noise surrounding Apple’s latest offering centres around the 15’s new camera capabilities – because these things pack a serious punch. The main camera shoots in 48MP super-high resolution, making it much easier for the everyday amateur photographer like myself to take breathtaking photos with a very simple set-up.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s Portrait mode has vastly improved as well, giving the user more detail and vibrant colour for a more balanced and impressive shot. Of course, we first saw this feature debuted with the iPhone 7 Plus back in 2016.

Back then it felt like a fun little feature that made you feel like more of a professional shooting in manual; now, it feels like the only way to take your photos.

The 15 not only automatically detects when you’re taking a photo of a person, or even a pet, but it now allows you to retrospectively shift the focus of your image after you’ve taken the shot, enabling you to switch between subjects in the foreground and background simultaneously for you to achieve the perfect final image. It’s nothing short of photo magic.

The iPhone 15 Pro is a cinematographer’s dream

The cinematic capabilities of Apple’s iPhone have been far superior to its Android counterparts for some years now, with cinematographers opting to use the iPhone as an agile and affordable option when shooting video.

The coolest feature for professionals hoping to get the most out of the new iPhone is undoubtedly the introduction of LOG video recording on the new iPhone 15 Pro.

Essentially what this mode offers, is the ability to shoot in a very raw, flat colour profile, allowing your phone to capture as much colour as possible, compared to the previous iterations. It gives you total control when colour-grading your footage in post, aligning the new 15s closer to the capabilities of professional cinema cameras.

In cinematic mode, you can now opt to use the iPhone’s Action mode, stabilising your video when you or your subject are moving at higher speeds.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s new all-action button

Now I’ll admit I haven’t yet configured the iPhone 15’s new action button that has replaced the silent switch on the left side of the body.


If, like me, you simultaneously switch between apps at break-neck speeds and don’t have a favourite app, because let’s face it, you love all your children equally, then you’ll struggle to choose just one app to feature on the new action button.

For those among us who are more adjusted the action button could be the the most-used new feature of the entire phone. Need to jump to TikTok? Action. Check the footy scores? Action. Got lost again? Action.

The iPhone 15 Pro now comes with a USB-C port

Thank the European Union for this one; no seriously. New EU rules dictated that all smartphones must have USB-C charging ports by the end of 2024, claiming that chargers equate to about 11,000 tons of e-waste across EU countries every year. It’s suggested this shift would also save Europeans as much as 250 million EUR (~$415 million AUD) spent on new chargers each year.

Although Apple was defiant, naturally, politics prevailed. As such, we now have a universal charger that we’re able to use across all our Apple devices – from iPhones to MacBooks, AirPods and Apple Watches. Even Android.

It represents one of the biggest improvements to the iPhone in over a decade, replacing Apple’s signature lightning port that has accommodated the bottom of their phones since 2012. With the new design, the iPhone 15 can now serve as an additional battery pack on the go, able to give your other devices a much-needed boost with reverse charging.

When is the iPhone 15 release date?

Apple launched their new iPhone 15 range including the 15, the 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max on 22 September 2023.

What is the iPhone 15 price?

Now, I’ve spent a long time here detailing the many cool and revolutionary new features associated with the new Apple iPhone 15 Pro; but all this new tech does come at a price.

The model I’ve been using, the 1TB Titanium, retails at around $2,749, whilst the Pro Max which features a larger 6.7″ screen and improved battery life, is going to set you back around $2,899; these aren’t exactly insignificant price points.

For many of us, it’s crucial to have the latest model of smartphone in our pockets soon after its release, and with Apple’s trade-in scheme, you’re also able to recycle your old model safely and receive some money off your next purchase.

If you’re holding on to one of the earlier models like I was, say iPhone 12 or even 13, I’d recommend exploring the new 15. However, for a fraction of the cost, you could be looking at getting one of the many Android smartphones available on the market today. Chief among them is Samsung’s Galaxy range, featuring the S23 Ultra 1TB available for only $1620 when you go direct, or even the revolutionary Galaxy Z Fold5 for that flip phone nostalgia.

Final thoughts

For me, this is undeniably the best iPhone ever made. If you’re currently on the iPhone 14, there’s not that much of a jump in specs and performance but it’s certainly well worth the investment if you’re still persisting with some of Apple’s earlier iterations.

Just shy of three grand, it’s certainly not an everyday purchase, but with all the cool new features and improvements in performance, the iPhone 15 Pro feels inherently better than anything I’ve ever used… and that’s worth the price every time.