Uber Can Now Schedule Your Rides Ahead Of Time


Uber is moving beyond the on-demand service space and catering to those who like to plan ahead with the announcement of Scheduled Rides to the popular app.

Having just launched in Seattle last week for UberX services only, the new feature will eventually roll out across top business travel cities around the world.

The new feature will allow passengers the ability to request an Uber in advance from anywhere between 30 minutes right through to 30 days ahead. The process itself isn’t any harder than requesting a normal ride either with a four-step command which follows the normal Uber format before reaching a confirmation page for entering pick up times.

The scheduled rides will attract the same fees as a regular UberX service with the added benefit of being able to select a date and time when traffic isn’t as heavy. Surge pricing meanwhile will still apply if the time of the ride is notably busy.

Uber’s director of global experience, Tom Fallows said that the Scheduled Rides will suit business people and those who’d “sleep better knowing their Uber ride is arranged.”

Keep an eye out on your app for the next update to arrive in your city. Uber wedding rides, anyone?