5 Ways To Be A 5-Star Uber Rider

Prevent those nasty surprise cancellations.

5 Ways To Be A 5-Star Uber Rider

Ah, Uber. What did we ever do without you? You used to have to hail taxis or take public transport like some sort of peasant. Now, at 2 am when the world is spinning and our words are slurring, we can be transported safely to our homes in air-conditioned comfort and usually offered gum or water to make that drunken journey even sweeter.

It does come with risk, however. One alcohol-induced vom in the back seat or some less than flattering loud and rowdy behaviour and your Uber rider reputation will go from glowing to repellant in an instant. If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking your Uber rating, we recommend doing it now. It’s all accessible via the app’s settings.

Here are our top tips for taking that kebab mess of an Uber rating from a 3 to a 5 and being the 5-star Uber rider every driver has dreamed of.

Help Your Driver Make A Smooth Pick Up


Don’t make your driver run circles around you. The Uber app pinpoints your location for you, but if you’re in a busy street or somewhere with limited parking, try using the suggested pick up feature in the app or give your driver a buzz so they know exactly where they can pick you up safely and easily.

Check Your Destination

Entered Surrey Hills, VIC when you really meant Surry Hills, NSW? Common mistake. To avoid any confusion when you’re en route, make sure you enter the correct destination in the app. This will help the driver plan the best route and avoid any wrong turns.

You can also request the driver goes a specific route, which means it might be time to give up your secret shortcuts.

Choose The Right Seat For Your Situation


To sit up front, or not. It’s always an awkward conundrum. Most Uber drivers are pretty flexible about where you sit, but it’s important to be mindful of your seat choice. If you’re keen for a chat, sit in the front passenger seat, but if you’re in the mood to tune out and spend the entire trip on your phone, go for the back seat.

Of course, in this COVID age, it’s probably best if you avoid sitting in the front at all unless you’re in a group. Hot tip for hygienic Uber rides: if you have the choice, sit diagonally opposite your driver, wind your window down a crack and get them to do the same. That produces maximum airflow with minimum air buffeting.

Be A Considerate & Respectful Rider


Uber drivers are just like you and me, so as the saying goes “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. That means keeping the stinky food to a minimum, as well as offensive language and leaving your snotty tissues behind. Treat the ride as if it was your own and you’ll be well on your way to a 5-star rep.

Thank & Rate Your Driver


A little thank you can go a long way – especially when it comes to riding in an Uber. If your driver did a good job, let them know by saying thanks and giving them a good rating. If they weren’t on their game, make sure you leave a comment so the driver knows how they can improve their service.

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