Bundaberg Rum & Uber Eats Create A ‘Cane Champagne’ Even The French Would Like

'Maison de Bundy Blanc de Cane' is a refined sip that would impress even the snootiest cheese-eating surrender monkey.

Bundaberg Rum & Uber Eats Create A ‘Cane Champagne’ Even The French Would Like

Bundaberg Rum, better known as ‘Bundy’, is an Australian icon. Famous for its smooth taste and incongruous polar bear mascot, it’s long been affectionately known as ‘sugarcane champagne’ by proud Queenslanders. Bundaberg’s latest project, however, has made that nickname into reality.

The 134-year-old distillery has teamed up with Uber Eats to produce a limited edition, highly exclusive bottling named Maison de Bundy Blanc de Cane: real-life sugarcane champagne, crafted from Bundy’s famous ginger beer and tasty white Queensland cane spirit.

As you may have guessed, it pays homage to France’s most famous champagne houses, playing off the appellations, pomp and circumstance of fine bubbly with a minimalist black label boasting a familiar polar figure (Monsieur Bundy R. Bear, naturellement). It might be a bit of fun but frankly, it probably tastes better than a lot of champers…

The unique 640ml glass bottling is limited to a run of just 1,000 and will be available for free for Uber Eats customers to enjoy at select locations in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria on Friday June 10th and Saturday June 11th.

Of course, you’ve long been able to order a bottle of Bundy UP using Uber Eats on Australia’s east coast – alcohol delivery is one of Uber Eats’ most underrated features, don’t you know – but this limited edition Maison de Bundy is something a bit special.

The world’s first sugarcane champagne tower at the Distillerie de rhum Bundaberg.

“What better way to celebrate being able to get a tipple through Uber Eats along the east coast of the country than by partnering with a storied Australian brand like Bundy,” Uber Eats ANZ General Manager of Retail Lucas Groeneveld shares.

“We know Bundy is affectionately dubbed ‘sugarcane champagne’ throughout Queensland – and further afield too – so we’re overjoyed to have been able to collaborate with Bundy to create this exclusive item. While the name is tongue in cheek the product is world-class in every way.”

If you want to try this rare, potable piece of Australiana, head to Sydney’s The Civic Hotel, Melbourne’s The Sporting Globe and Brisbane’s Leonards and Dawn. Punters aged 18 and up can flash their Uber Eats app to bar staff at these fine venues from 5pm on Friday to toast the weekend ahead, with Maison de Bundy available until sold out.

Those who can’t make it will be able to unlock 30% off selected Bundy products on Uber Eats from Thursday 9th June until Monday 13th. Not a bad consolation prize.

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