What Watch Does Indiana Jones Wear In ‘The Dial Of Destiny’?

"That belongs in a museum!"

What Watch Does Indiana Jones Wear In ‘The Dial Of Destiny’?


Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the fifth and final instalment of the Indiana Jones film franchise, hits cinemas today – and one question many fans are already asking is what watch does the famous adventurer is wearing in this hotly-anticipated movie? Never fear, we’ve got the answer: a Hamilton.

There are few watch brands with such a strong connection to cinema as Hamilton. From Elvis Presley and Will Smith wearing the Ventura in Blue Hawaii and Men in Black; Matthew McConaughey’s Khaki Pilot Day Date and Khaki Field Murph in Interstellar; and of course, Roger Moore wearing the Pulsar while playing James Bond in Live and Let Die – the American-Swiss brand is part of movie history.

Now, in 2023, we can add another iconic film franchise to that list: Indiana Jones. Alongside his other iconic accessories – his fedora, whip, leather jacket and satchel – Harrison Ford, in his final outing as the professor of archaeology-slash-action hero, can also be seen wearing a Hamilton American Classic Boulton (ref. H13431553) throughout The Dial of Destiny.

First introduced in 1941, the Boulton is one of Hamilton’s most iconic and traditional watch designs. Originally revived and reintroduced in the 1980s, it’s no doubt set for a major comeback in 2023, now that it’s been seen on Indy’s wrist.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones slinging his whip in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.
The Hamilton American Classic Boulton (ref. H13431553) worn by Indiana Jones.

Hamilton worked closely with the film’s prop team to ensure the watch seamlessly met the time period: while The Dial of Destiny is officially set in 1969, we can imagine that the now-wizened Indy picked the watch up in the 1940s during his heyday.

It features a subtly tonneau-shaped design with a very traditional small seconds subdial, mineral crystal and serif-style numerals, all housed in a stainless steel and PVD yellow gold case. Unlike Boulton models from Indy’s time, however, this modern reincarnation features a quartz movement – although we’d imagine Indy would appreciate the practicality of a quartz movement.

He’d also appreciate that while proper vintage watches “belong in a museum”, a modern homage like this American Classic Boulton can be worn guilt-free no matter what sort of adventures you’re up to. The price? $1,200 AUD, which is a little bit more than a movie ticket… But a lot less than a crystal skull. Find out more about the watch and the collaboration with Indiana Jones at Hamilton’s online boutique here.