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Levi’s & Google Invent A Washable Smart Jacket That Takes Calls

When two giants of the industry get together to invent something cool for the future, it’s no doubt going to be special.

Project Jacquard is the name of an experiment devised by Levi’s and Google which utilises a new technology called ‘smart fabric’. Launched at last year’s Google I/O conference, the smart fabric was used to make a stylish denim jacket which allows wearers to answer calls, respond to messages and toggle through music at the tap of a sleeve cuff.

The denim jacket works by weaving smart fabric sensors through the garment which is wireless connected to a smartphone. This allows it to be completely washable like any garment without damage to the smart fabric.

For now the project is intended for cyclists but we can definitely see the potential for this technology to go way beyond that scope for people such as motorcyclists. Project Jacquard is compatible with Google apps such as Google Maps, Spotify and more.

The beta trial version will come online later this year whilst a final version of the product will be available to the public next year.

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