Google Trips Is Making Solo Travel Safer

One of the most frustrating things about travelling solo is landing in a foreign country only to realise you’ve forgotten to set up a local phone carrier and have no Wi-Fi to find your way around.

Take a wrong turn and a many dark alleyways await you.

On top of this there’s also the dilemma of having to look for sights to see, tracking your connecting tickets and scheduling your movements down to a tee. In other words it can be a nightmare for those who suck at planning.

The smart cookies at Google want to change that with its latest travel guide app known as Google Trips. Released free to the public today, the app is designed to be the future of travel guides and organisers with the added benefit of being able to operate completely offline.

Users simply put their travel details into the app prior to leaving and Google will do most of the rest and download everything it needs, using its vast network to recommend places of interest based on your search history or designated location.

Daily itineraries can be customised by users once you input where you’re going and how long each stop will take. If you can’t be bothered, Google Trips will happily do that for you. All it needs to know is your location and how much time you have before it maps out all of the popular locations in your surrounding area.

Travel apps like this aren’t new but it’s the integration with Gmail where your tickets are stored and the search engine’s vast geographical database available offline that should make it a more attractive option to seasoned globetrotters and beginners alike.

Sorry Liam Neeson, you will no longer need to find and kill anyone.

To give Google Trips a go, head here for iOS or Android.