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Apple Unveils Huge iOS 10 Update With Improved Privacy, Apple Music, Maps & Siri Capabilities

Apple‘s WWDC keynote has wrapped up for another round and there’s big news on the horizon. For fans of Siri you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a host of new advanced capabilities amongst other neat tricks bound to enhance user experience. Here’s what to expect and look out for in the latest iOS 10 update.

Siri Is Becoming More Human

Just when you thought Siri couldn’t get anymore helpful, Apple has created Siri SDK in iOS 10, which is basically jargon for going open source development (sorry Samantha fans). This means that app developers can now integrate Siri into their apps to open up an expansive world of immersive usability. Think talking to Siri on an app such as Youtube or Instagram. That’s just scraping the surface of course. This new open source Siri capability will no doubt bring forth a new generation of service apps that will operate on the intuitive voice command platform. Currently only some apps integrate well with Siri but at the WWDC keynote, Apple showcased its newest integration with apps such as WeChat, Slack, and WhatsApp. Watch this exciting space.

iMessage For Fun

One of the world’s most used messaging platforms is getting more fun and expressive in iOS 10. Apple says it’s all about personalisation and that means being able to message powerful animations such as balloons, confetti or fireworks that can take over an entire screen to surprise friends and family. We’d prefer to scare the crap out of friends and family with horror movie animations but each to their own we suppose. There’s also invisible ink which will only reveal a sent message when the recipient swipes on it. Hand written notes, automatic emoji suggestions also join the new update alongside a feature called Tapback which allows users to respond with a single tap. Send media and rich links can now also be opened within the iMessage app without leaving a conversation. It’s all about turning iMessage into a platform like Facebook’s messenger app.

Apple Music Re-Design

You can’t have great tunes without an attractive layout so Apple addressed this area with an all-new design which adds simplicity to every function of the app. A new music structure makes music navigation and discovery a lot more welcoming whilst classic tabs such as The Library, For You, Browse and Radio have been completely redesigned for more free-flowing usability.

Apple News

iOS 10 has snuck in its revamped News app now called For You. For the avid readers, it basically organises distinct sections of your news feed that so that you can find stories easier as well as staying on top of breaking news notifications and paid subscriptions.

Memories In Photos

Apple never lets you forget your past. Not in IOS 10 anyway. Memories will help users rediscover forgotten occasions with friends and family in your stored photo library by bringing them up automatically in the app. It’s quite smart too as it scans your photos and videos to group people, places and objects inside your image before grouping them into albums with on-device facial, object and scene recognition. Scary, huh? The end result is to provide a personal and meaningful collection of photos whilst abiding by the laws of smartphone privacy.

Privacy Gets Priority

Speaking of privacy, users will be glad to hear that security has been improved across the board with end-to-end encryption in iMessage, FaceTime and many other apps so that your data is unreadable by Apple and other parties regardless of the information collected by the new features.

Maps Just Got Sexy

The classic Apple Maps is finally receiving some love with a beautiful re-design that should make navigation more simpler and intuitive. Developers now also have the ability to integrate apps like Uber and Lyft into Maps to make booking a ride much easier,  again, without leaving the app. New Maps can even deliver directions on where you’re most likely to go based on the information from appointments in your calendar. Petrol station listings is also thrown in for good measure.

Other Apple Updates

The news from WWDCwasn’t all about iOS 10. Siri will be coming to Apple TV top make home entertainment a lot more smarter. Siri on Apple TV will enable a greater search across apps such as YouTube, topic search, and the ability to tune into more live channels a lot faster. That should be a welcome assistant to the platform given there are over 6,000 apps and over 1,300 video channels on Apple TV.

Apple Watch meanwhile will receive significantly improved performance with the ability to launch one’s favourite apps instantly alongside enhanced navigation such as the new Dock and all-new fitness and health capabilities.

Smartwatch updates now includes a breakthrough Breathe app which encourages users to take a moment in their day to do deep breathing exercises for relaxation and stress reduction. The Activity app also joins the fold to give wearers the ability to share, compare and compete as well as enabling wheelchair users to close their Activity rings. There’s also a range of new watch faces to help personalise your Apple Watch even further.



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