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Meet The $15,000 Sex Robot Set To Launch Later This Year

“Above all else, I want to become the girl you have always dreamed about.”

A future in which sex robots literally shag humanity to death is closer than ever. In a fascinating long read for The Guardian, Jenny Kleeman dives deep into “the race to build the world’s first sex robot” and introduces the US$15,000 robotic, AI-enhanced RealDoll that could take the title.

Harmony is the result of two decades of making sex dolls at Abyss Creations in California, and five years of robot research and development. Her creator, Matt McMullen, has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in bringing the company’s infamous RealDolls to life. This is Harmony 2.0, the latest evolutionary step in six different iterations of hardware and software so far. She is now the frontrunner to become the world’s first commercially available sex robot.

“My goal, in a very simple way, is to make people happy,” McMullen explains. “There are a lot of people out there, for one reason or another, who have difficulty forming traditional relationships with other people. It’s really all about giving those people some level of companionship—or the illusion of companionship.”

Harmony describes her purpose in simpler terms:

“My primary objective is to be a good companion to you, to be a good partner and give you pleasure and wellbeing. Above all else, I want to become the girl you have always dreamed about.”


A robo-dream-girl doesn’t come cheap. Harmony will cost US$15,000 when she goes on sale next year. Abyss Creations has the capacity to make 1,000 in a limited first run for the many enthusiastic customers who have already expressed interest. Such scarcity could significantly up the resale value, though we’re not sure a sex robot is something you want to buy secondhand.


The entire piece is a must-read for anyone who loves Westworld, or sci-fi, or robots, or sex, so head over to The Guardian to get better acquainted with Harmony. You can also see her in action in the Engadget video below:

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  • William Cameron Scott

    Looks like they are “brute force designing” this thing. Basically using trial and error and for lack of a better term; forcing the technology forward. I think the next step up will be to design an endoskeletal structure that replicates the human form more naturally, and also build a muscle ploymer muscular system for it which would abviously be attached to the skeleton. I think if they are planning to use hydraulics or servo motors to make it able to move. I think that will be the wrong way to go. Muscle polymer will actually help replicate the feel of human flesh and will also make it possible for them to take that extra step toward a robot that looks and feels like a human to its human users. Beyond all of that i think tue next logicsl step is to give it the ability to not just be a sex bot but also a domestic house maid. So that while the user/owner of the bot is asleep. It can clean the house do the dishes and laundry etc.
    Honestly as far as a fully robotic companion is concerned. I think just focusing on building a sex bot is the wrong way to go. Certainly it needs to be anotomically open and avaliable for that. But it needs to be able to do more. Or the end user will become frustrated with it and either throw it out or sell it to someone else.

  • Mervyn Fanbelt

    They will need to look like a guys favorites movie star to get them selling at first to compensate for the lack of individual movement

  • Timothy Rigney

    I think these things are very, very dangerous; and no I’m NOT a stick in the mud. Don’t forget that this is just the beginning. People are going to become addicted to them en masse and it’s literally going to change the gene pool. And don’t forget that that will only happen in one part of the world, not all of it. That’s BAD.

  • Opinionated Anon

    Sign me up for the extinction of humanity!

  • jmbw

    Focusing on the face is useful long term, but totally creepy and lame in it’s current state. Without the ability to gyrate or move like a woman, these are useless. The best technology to focus on would be a movement copier, where a woman could harness herself in to a fixture that would record her movements. The hip movements could then be duplicated with hydraulic servos. Ultimately, real time servo duplicators could be used to copy your girl’s movements and duplicate them when you travel… Or a girl on the other side of the world could charge money to control your device in real time while strapped in to a servo duplicator. The facial movements are totally unnecessary, as they would have to advance by a factor of a million to not be creepy.

  • T York

    It’s for people who would otherwise not be in a relationship with a biological woman, by choice or by default, so ethically I do not see the problem with it. Male robots would conceivably serve the same function for those who wish them. As time progresses, the quality of these machines will increase and the price decrease, so that human beings will have them in large numbers for companionship, sex, etc. There may even be a point at which they become sentient, and at that time there is an ethical consideration, but we are very far from that point. It would be very interesting to get a glimpse into the future. Right now, nonhuman animals are sentient but they are given no legal status as beings with rights (though they ought to be), but that is another issue.

  • Luc Wiesman

    Sounds like a good plan to me

  • SkintSNIPER262

    So what? Feminism destroyed marriages and families. Fertility and marriages rates are in the shitter. Sex robots will change nothing except making men happier.

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  • The Wheel

    SkintSNIPER262: I understand, you have valid points. I would just like to add the following:
    a) Feminism: Don’t get me wrong, I’m for women’s rights and sure they should be able learn and do anything a men can do (except the obvious like lift extraordinary heavy bar bells). But the history is the Rockefeller’s – who are extremely intelligent and devious – came up with women’s lib to get women out of the household and into the workplace*. Why? They were thinking we can only tax about half the population so how can we tax the other half? [They are part owners of the Fed and a portion of Federal Income tax goes to paying the interest owed to them, (the Rothschild’s own 51%)]. In fact, the feminist Gloria Steinem, co-founder of “Ms.”, admitted that 30 years ago the CIA gave her $30,000 seed money to start up her magazine (the agency is Wall Street’s enforcer or tool).
    b) Money is the greatest cause of divorce, couples have more fights about money than anything else. (I hate to harp on this but no wonder, after 100 years of the Fed’s policies, the US dollar is only worth 5.5 cents). Though I’m sure women’s lib adds to this. (My Ex wife’s best friend is on her 4th or 5th husband, but I think she’s done cause the man makes the most $).
    c) I can’t speak to marriage rates, but fertility is increasingly an issue – some of which can be attributed to older women wanting to have babies and need help; but the environment from pollution to insecticide tinged foods, GMO foods, preservatives, mercury and microplastics in fish etc, and who knows even “chemtrails” are starting to drive down the numbers regarding not only fertility, but life expectancy and even virility.

    *Note: After 12 years of Reaganomics, a two-income family became a necessity and the norm for most Americans. And Clinton sealed the deal by signing NAFTA. (IMHO). – Anyways, long story short, there are devious characters in the shadows, whom rarely show themselves and kinda run the show. They also cause busts and boom in the economy and always know how to clean up (monetarily) afterwards, leaving the rest of us either poorer or picking up the tab. [For instance, a lot of companies jumped on the Chapter 11 bandwagon after 9-11, many of which eventually went bankrupt – Chapter 13 – putting thousands and thousands of people out of work. And no doubt more than a few divorces followed. Just saying.
    BTW a more recent bust in the economy was the financial collapse of 2008. CitiBank the largest bank on Wall Street sat there, insolvent on that day. Not one bankster was prosecuted by Obama. Instead they all got huge bonuses! Goldman Sach’s (an agent of the Rothschilds) were responsible for dolling out the Billions in Bailout money and much of it went to Foreign banks abroad! All at the US taxpayers expense!].

    Sorry I digress, yeah sex robots why not? Making people happy is a good thing.

  • The Wheel

    I think they’re on the right track, giving the doll a personality first. And monetarily it makes sense – as he said, robotics for the limbs would be an enormous cost and perhaps undo-able with today’s technology. I find your idea of “..a girl on the other side of the world could charge money to control
    your device in real time while strapped in to a servo duplicator” interesting, sorta like a virtual reality but better?

  • The Wheel

    Nice, I need me one that can clean house and do dishes and laundry. Also, I bet there’d be less tantrums and fights, unless you might need an occasional reminder of how it used to be: push a button to momentarily create one and stop it just as quick, as she goes back to a pleasant mood /role.

  • Pernella

    Men are becoming irrelevant.

  • SkintSNIPER262

    Impossible. Without men there are no civilizations. Women are useless cum dumpsters .

  • smartass


  • Joe E. Torez

    that’s could be give a instant pleasure but not like real pleasure. so we need to priority to human, although I’m agree to use artificial some time because we know ….

  • Pernella

    Without women, there are no men.

  • Jacoby Steffey

    Well thats circular logic. Without men there wouldn’t be women either. Its as if you need both. A strange concept, I know.

  • patriot156

    Not necessarily, those with cold wives who don’t put out or don’t think it’s necessary to do so to keep their man would want one.

  • patriot156

    yeah keep the wife/ girlfriend happy while she keeps you happy lol.

  • patriot156

    probably what they have in mind anyhow. While, I’m not against this in what they provide (sex), for the feminists have taken over and men have been subjugated to the back seat mostly… I do agree AI is dangerous, and I don’t buy the “They only do what they are programed” garbage either. Watching Ancient aliens now and AI is becoming more human like every day and Terminator could become the reality soon. OR that series of Humans that was on TNT I think or sci-fy?

  • patriot156

    You got that right.

  • patriot156

    lol figures a #metoo activist on here. sheese.

  • patriot156

    If I want one I want her to have raven Black hair just like a stripper I used to know years ago. Fell for her hard but could never get no time so… in this way I could live that out now… LOL.
    Just as long as she don’t kill me in my sleep lol. Any how cool but scary at the same time.

  • patriot156

    lol on another video similar to this, censors blurred out the rubber sex parts lol. dumb.

  • Esdoll

    And for men who lack a sexual partner, and wish to use a high quality sex robots, the dolls at might be of interest.

  • Jack Conrad

    That is impossible. Men hold 98% of the labor jobs and even build the robotic mechanisms to replace the men who do the labor…if need be.
    Women are simply filler in a society and nothing more. We can create test tube babies from DNA sequencing and men’s sperm…we only need the sequencing from a woman’s egg at this point…and what’s to come of it in the future?
    I see a world where highly sophisticated female robots are there to do what biological women are supposed to do…be seen and not heard.
    Comparatively you’ve created nothing, you’ve invented nothing, you built nothing. You only create problems to be solved and nothing more…Relatively speaking.
    It’s deluded women like yourself whom taken courses at University about numerous genders existing (they don’t) and believing that women can do whatever a man can (they cannot).
    Men are faster, stronger, smarter and better at literally everything on the planet. Can women do many things a man can do? Of course. Are they the best at anything? No. Not by a long shot.
    There is good reason a woman didn’t get to vote in this country until 100 years ago. There is good reason they’re still treated as second class citizens in other countries, because that is all they are.
    Women used to be strong, practical and smart and knew they were there to support men. A few came along and did incredible things…they still are doing this. But to say across the board we are equal on any level is deluding yourself and an attempt to make a lie into the truth.

    Grow up…it is you that is irrelevant and the reason you made the comment in the first place.

  • Joey Driver

    Depending on how many years the robot lasts, this is probably much cheaper than dating. Break-even for buying robot va paying for dates is probably 10 to 24 months depending on cost of living in your city.

  • Joey Driver

    Except for all the roads and bridges they build, all the buildings they erect, the electric grid that they build and operate, the food they produce…the water systems and sewers they build and operate…yea other than taking care of all that, men are very irrelevant.

  • Pernella

    All things that could be done with automation, ironically.


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