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15 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Australian Ears

Unwired for sound.

15 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Australian Ears

Whether you like a good podcast to make that nine to five life bearable or you’re a fitness weapon who needs some serious (sounding) tunes to get you through your workouts; you’ll be wanting some decent ear candy to make the most of the hours you spend plugged in. There’s a huge wireless headphone market at the moment though, and as the technology develops, it’s only getting larger.

In the past few years audio, battery and bluetooth technology has advanced to harmonious new levels so you can now connect with your smartphone, wire and hassle-free. Of course, some of you will instantly go for the Apple Airpods, which are a very good product. However, if you need sealed in-ear earbuds, or simply would like to look further afield, then this selection might help.

After extensive road, bus, train, plane, ferry and gym testing, this is what we reckon you need to know before buying a set of wireless earbuds.

  • Most come with charge stations that plug into laptops and cars.
  • Automatic sensors should detect when the earbud is in your ear and start / stop audio.
  • High quality rubber / silicon seals are our recommendation to block out outside noise.
  • Tap to answer is one of the better features with Apple’s Airpods
  • Airpods just got an update too. Worth exploring.
  • Samsung have entered the wireless earbud race with a very good looking product.
  • Bose is still our favourite for sports.
  • Bose also offers a good product for sleeping and flying.
  • B&O is a sublime design.
  • Master Dynamic is the most expensive for its quality and design.