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Women Can No Longer Afford To Be So Picky… Yes It’s Men’s Fault

Are you picky? Or discerning?

In the brave new world that is online dating in 2018, men are type-cast as sausage factories looking for an indiscriminate hump. Women, on the other hand, have a reputation for weighing up everything from a prospective mate’s annual salary and wittiness-per-tweet, to the rate at which they are going bald.

In response, dating apps like Bumble, in which women are the prime-movers of any interaction, have sprung up, furthering the stereotype that women are pickier than men. And by calling it a ~stereotype~ we aren’t saying it isn’t true. Just that it’s not true of everyone. Especially, apparently, guys in their 40’s.

The Queensland University of Technology yesterday published a study on the online dating behaviour of more than 41,000 Australians. The results show that when it comes to the education level of a partner, although women under 40 are more particular, from this age onwards the tables turn and (although they are less likely to advertise it on Twitter) men become the pickiest.

As reported by Science Daily, “Women in peak fertility are more picky about the education level of men they prefer; seeking the same level or higher in a potential mate.” Over 40, however, “Men become more picky than women about the education level of their partner.”


We asked Damien Diecke, a dating coach at The School Of Attraction, why he thinks this is. According to him, it comes down to supply and demand. “Women tend to date older men. This trend is stronger the younger women are. So a 21 year old woman is a lot less likely to date a 19 year old guy than a 33 year old woman is to date a 31 year old man.”


“This means that men who are 25 really only have choices of women below or at their current age bracket (with some exceptions, but again we’re just talking trending numbers).”

On top of this, younger men are (generally) less desirable. “They’re less socialised, more unpredictable, less able to provide security for a potential family, and overall less mature than their female counterparts,” he said. So young men can’t afford to be choosy, while younger women are attractive to men of a large range of ages.

This means that once men get older, their options in the dating pool open up. Doubly so if they’re well educated and have a secure career. Add in the fact that as men get older, they tend to target younger women, and, suddenly, around the age cited in the ‘pickiness’ study, women in the 40 and above demographic are left with a serious lack of men to choose from.

“It’s no secret that women talk about a ‘man shortage.’ Because if you’re a woman over 40, there is a significant drop in the number of men around your age who will elect to date you instead of a woman in her mid to late 30s.”

Whether or not single men in their forties are picky because they are holding out for a nobel prize winning supermodel or because these still-single men are likely to have been picky their whole lives requires further investigation.

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  • Whatajerk

    It is absolutely pointless for this mangina/jerk/self-hating weasel of an author to sell men down the river for whatever benefit he thinks he’s getting from women. Men have every right to be as selective as women choosing someone who they plan to share their life with. Men are people just like women. Journalists often forget this. Dating has always been about the dynamics of the market. People will always go for the best selection. You can’t force people to choose what they don’t want. No matter how hard some jerks try to shame them.

  • Insidious Sid

    Actually, the problem is simple. Men have always dated and mated across and down “dominance hierarchies” (aka, social classes), where women mate across and up. This is called hypergamy. Now that women have passed men in the degree department, women are not “leaning in” and “womaning up” to take on some of the marrying down like the men they are now replacing. Just another example of women hanging on to dated traditions and customs which benefit them while enjoying the fruits of a progressive new age. And to these ladies who want the best of both worlds? Aw well. You can always freeze your eggs and hope some young stud muffin with a degree with wife you up when you’re 40 and done with the career ladder and want kids.

  • Ace Otana

    A lot of women believe that men are attracted to successful women, we’re not. In fact successful women don’t even appear on my radar screen. Young and attractive women do. Older women (especially those with kids) are undesirable to me. Why would I go for an older woman over a far younger one? Money plays no part when it comes to deciding who’s more attractive to me. Also I don’t choose who I’m attracted to, I’m simply attracted to what attracts me. Youth and no baggage.

    Women only date upwards, so when women become more financially successful than men, only men who are more successful than them are considered datable, and these men are very few in number when it comes to being available to date. They’re also highly sought after by many other women, including many younger prettier women. What vastly reduces a successful woman’s options is the fact that she’s not young anymore and/or that she has kids and she’s competing against many younger women. Men are attracted to youthful women, not successful women. So why would a more successful man choose a woman in her 30’s or 40’s over a woman in her 20’s?

    Men date both up and down based on youth and attractiveness, women only date upwards. So their dating pool is very limited. The more successful a woman is, the higher her standards and so her dating options become extremely limited. The older she becomes and the more kids she has also reduces her dating options.

    Men are wired to seek out the most attractive and healthy women, because the younger and healthier women are far more likely to successfully carry his child to term and for that child to be healthy. The healthier the child, the better their chances. The ultimate goal of life is to pass on your genes, which means making sure your offspring are healthy and attractive so as to produce healthy offspring and successfully pass on their genes.

    Even men who don’t want kids (like myself) still naturally seek out the most healthy and attractive, which just happens to be young women. Youth = health. Physical attractiveness also = health. Financial success tells us nothing about a woman’s health, hence why men aren’t attracted to financial success.

  • 26002600

    Writer has the wrong attitude by blaming men, simply start dating men who aren’t as financially successful, case solved. Who a guy is should not be defined by material wealth or finical gain but rather his character. In fact being more financially successful should open up a woman to a larger dating pool as she should be able to choose a man based on personality than financial security. Until women change their attitude on this the problem will only get worse for them.

  • Keith Balcombe

    Yeah mens fault yawns. Took the red pill and went Mgtow and I’m buying a sex doll so I don’t have to put up with women and their hypergamy and always looking for a better deal.

  • Insidious Sid

    Friend of mine told me about the “Bigger Better Deal” over 20 years ago… before MGTOW was a word! Hypergamy is real and is as old as the hills. MGTOW FOREVER!!

  • T M

    Men’s pool opens up as they get older? Now, that’s hilarious! I’m 55 and I admit I’ve ruined a few relationships but blaming men for pretty much everything???? Sure! Women are perfect in all ways! What I have noticed since my ex wife and I divorced: I initiated it, is women seem colder and more unfriendly. Want Superman with lots of $$$ and PHD, 6′ tall, blah blah. Yes, disgruntled guy in the stormy sea of dating.

  • pmcollectorboy

    Because of course it fucking is!!!!
    Man can’t find a romantic partner. Complains. Men are to blame. Not to mention getting blasted with that typical “Entitled to sex blah blah women don’t owe you shit.”
    Woman can’t find romantic partner. Complains. Men are to blame once again. It’s like you can’t win for losing as a guy.

  • Chris

    Women only notice worth by their emotions not logic. That is, If a man seems to keen, she is quick to dismiss him. There are guys who earn far less than I do that go around acting like they are the shit and they know how to stir the women’s emotions into getting them to like them. Then there is us serious career successful guys that get ignored by every women because we are too keen when one comes along.

    It sucks when you do have money (like me), but you are still invisible to most women.

  • Blake H

    Only .56 % of men women are delusional

  • Bongstar420

    Yep….I’m picky. It has a negative ROI while also not even being a real investment. Female selection has made men behave like drugs addicts with respect to access to sex. Just look at MRI studies on the subject. Clearly women have the edge if they are the drug dealers.

  • Bongstar420

    As a man, I’d prefer to be the hypergamous one. Women are more sexist, so I don’t get that option.

  • Bongstar420

    If you are running a racket, it is important your target can’t realize it.

  • Bongstar420

    PhD is more likely to have above average income but less likely to have elite income. More millionaires have low educational and IQ levels than high. There is are reason’s for this.

  • KillerofApes

    “women in the 40 and above demographic are left with a serious lack of men to choose from”


  • Rick Fernandes

    It’s interesting how so many women in other parts of the world don’t share the same entitled view that so many women in the West have become accustomed too, and particularly in the United States. Never in the course of human history has there ever lived a more privileged group of women, namely, American women and yet they are some of the most unhappy and unsatisfied women on earth. The audacity to blame men for the delusional standards that they set for themselves and others is laughable to most women around the world.

    For men, it’s no longer good enough to be a simple good guy. Women demand Super Hero’s. They want it ALL, even if they themselves aren’t all that and many fall dreadfully short of some of the most basic feminine qualities. For women, when considering a man, it’s like shopping for a hand bag; is it the right brand, right size, right look, etc. Basically looking for all the things that don’t matter while neglecting to look at the most basic thing- can it carry your crap?

    Many women are delusional. In their endeavor to find a man worthy enough of their time, they become empty vessels of resentment with each disappointing year, until they eventually become invisible girl or the batshit crazy cat lady.

    My advise to women is to learn HUMILTY. Most of you aren’t all that. Give men a reason to pursue you. Just because you were born a woman, doesn’t entitle you to love. Learn to love unconditionally before you demand it of others.


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