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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Has Finally Been Solved


Forget colourful cabanas, picturesque beaches and rum cocktails: Bermuda’s beauty has long been overshadowed by the dark legends that surround its notorious waters—known for vanishing ships, planes and people at will.

Some attribute supernatural forces to the many unexplained disappearances that have occurred over the years, such as aliens capturing humans for study, the influence of the “lost” continent of Atlantis, and vortices that suck objects into other dimensions.

However a team of scientists have just discovered what makes the Bermuda Triangle (the water between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico) so dangerous. Researchers from the University of Southhampton told Fox News that “rogue waves” are responsible for sinking hundreds of ships and ending thousands of lives in the 270,000 square mile section of the Atlantic.

To test the theory, the scientists built a model of the USS Cyclops, which went missing in 1918, and put it to the test against rogue waves in an indoor simulation. They found that the waves, which can swell to be over 100 feet high on the open ocean, quickly inundated the boat and caused it to sink.

Dr. Simon Boxall, an ocean and earth scientist, told Fox that the infamous area in the Atlantic, “Can see three massive storms coming together from different directions – the perfect conditions for a rogue wave.”


“There are storms to the south and north, which come together. And if there are additional ones from Florida, it can be a potentially deadly formation of rogue waves.”

He also said that the larger the ship, the more likely it is to be destroyed, as it is more open to being snapped in half.

“The bigger the boat gets, the more damage is done. If you can imagine a rogue wave with peaks at either end, there’s nothing below the boat, so it snaps in two. If it happens, it can sink in two to three minutes.”


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  • Mark Daniel Hunt

    Does not explain planes missining. How about the glass type pyramid.

  • Grammar

    What a garbage fucking article. Thousands of people and millions of dollars have went into researching the triangle and you solve it in a few sentences. Good for you and your good for nothing website. May as well write about memes you fucking jokes. Get a real job and contribute.

  • thepenguin

    planes don’t cope so well when freak waves pluck them from the sky

  • rener530

    Garbage theory

  • Aris Giannis

    No use…shit article

  • My Galaxy Prime

    Wow, so many professionals in this comments section. So how would any one of you explain the issue? What are your backgrounds to prove your theory? How many years have you studied the oceans and their waves to claim that this theory is BS? How are any of you complaining about the article or the science when none of you can do either?

  • Steve Buckley

    So what about the airplanes which have disappeared?
    100 foot waves are still pretty low, with respect to aircraft.

  • miakotamatsue

    LOL. I don’t think this magazine is for intelligent people.

  • Mark Daniel Hunt

    I love you argument. I need not explain the college’s I have been to nor my background in fluid Dynamics. Sad we assume everyone is un-educated. Planes disappear, compasses go out of sync, all paneled instruments start failing in very odd manners. Akin to an EMP. But still powered on. Your a hate Guru and I applaud your sense of awareness. As you are Illuminated with fecal mind syndrome. There is more than just waves , we understand this, magnetic cloud energy, static so fierce it can electrify the air around planes and boats.
    P.S. your on a Galaxy Prime free Metro PC’s phone. SUSPECT.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    “I love your*” “Colleges” “illuminated (lower case)” “You’re” Damn your spelling and grammar is horrid. Which “college’s” did you go to again? Did you finish? Based on your English, I’m assuming you’re uneducated (one word). Also, I own a Note 8 powered by Verizon Wireless. I use Galaxy devices and had an Asus Transformer Prime. Hence, the name. What did you say about assumptions?

  • Mark Daniel Hunt

    Oh no, I’ve been burned. All you can do is point out Grammer, I don’t have time like you do to be a troll, just real my friend. PS IM ON A PIXEL XL CASED IN GOLD(In a high pitched winning voice) GO SLUGS, SCSU, CAL POLY SAN LUIS OBISPO , LOL, should I spell that out for you with a period . Have fun being you.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    I pointed out your lack of education through your use of Grammer. That puts doubt on anything “educational” you have to say. You are still making mistakes even after I pointed out your errors and I honestly don’t care what phone you use. Your phone won’t fix your mistakes and your mistakes don’t make you look smart, which, again, places doubt on your education. How am I supposed to believe you’re an expert when you put spaces between words and periods? If you manage to find the time, perhaps fill it with 4th grade English. Then, you’ll be able to properly make an argument someone can understand. Maybe use your Pixel XL and ask Google how to make a proper sentence.

  • Diana Moody

    True, so evidently it hasn’t been solved …the mystery has yet to be discovered …

  • Jerry Deckert

    Sounds like fake news to me. A coverup. A conspiracy. I dont think they know and this is a weak explanation. There is time lost and elactrical disturbances. Thanks feds a poor effort.

  • Oddballotty

    Grammar, just sayin

  • sam pedroza

    Exactly what about the airplanes what is there rogue clouds

  • My Galaxy Prime

    Just saying, just saying.


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